I am 24 years old, ive been smoking regularly for about 4 years now. Im trying want to quit smoking cigs everyday and weed, i want to limit it to the weekends. I have been searching and i cant find anyone else who has gone through it. every time i try and quit smoking, cigs or weed, i get so violent, so angry, the part thats the hardest for me is i cant eat or sleep for a week, a full week. i am anorexic, so the thought of not eating for a week scares me, i am already hella thin. Smoking just isnt fun anymore, it just makes me puke now. I throw up about 6 times a day, i think its from the cigs and how im smoking my weed. i will only smoke from a bong, and the bowls are mixed with cigs tobacco and weed. For some reason my mind only thinks it gets high when there is cigs mixed. its just so mental and screwed. i want out of the insanity. i dont want to plan my life around smoking, because ill be too angry, or i will puke in front of people, or i will be so out of it i cant walk. i just want this to stop. does anyone know of any remedies for withdrawls? my symptoms are no sleep for a week wake up drenched in sweat nightmares cant eat throw up up 6 times a day cant drink liquids stomach pain emotional