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Well, my puking wasn't from drinking I got hit with awful food poisoning  on top of puking it was coming out the other way too both ends are burning, but my throat  that is killing me. I think what made it worse, is that I drank Braggs Apple Cider to kill what ever is in my stomach I downed 1/2 of the cider and omg that s $!* was like drinking devil piss! My throat burned and I felt my stomach and guys burning I wanted to puke so bad I tried to keep it in for at least 20mins but it came up. And I swear bile stomach acid and vinegar felt like lava coming out! Ugh I took a mirror too look at my throat and there are like tiny little blisters fk! That hurts I haven't really ate since Monday night that when the food poison started too scared to feel stomach cramps they almost feel like contractions! I did eat room temperature apple sauce it wasn't too bad, but that was it today Wednesday morning as am typing this I swallow and it feels like it's getting better. So... I guess give tour throat a break and try not to eat much if you can. I just hope I get 100 healing from thos food poison and now my throat.


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When you have burning from stomach acid do you ever think of taking something that is actually known to neutralize acid? Alka Seltzer, Tums, baking soda&water all do that.