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I would like to know what is a normal pulse rate and what is considered high.


Normal pulse rate depends on different factors like age, time of the day, activity levels.
Here are some of the rates according to an age. The lower your heart rate, the better.
Normal resting heart rate is :

For babies until age 1: 100–160 beats per minute; children 1-10: 60–140; adults and children older than 10: 60–100.

These are the rates for resting heart beat. It means that it should be taken after 10 minutes rest. Some people measure their rate after waking up before getting out of bed.
This is because heart beats faster if a person is under stress, after exercise, or when we have a fever because the body needs more oxygen and nutrients then.

The rhythm of the heart is usually regular. However, a pause or an extra beat is nothing to worry about. There are things that can affect the rate like certain medications. Some can slow and some can speed up the heart beat. Coffee and cigarettes speed up the heart rate.

Make sure you don’t use your thumb for measuring the pulse because it has its own and it may interfere with counting.