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I had unprotected sex exactly one week ago. A few days later, I got a large pimple on my cheek (about an inch below my eye). Today, exactly 1 week after having sex, I notied a large raised bump on my vagina. There is only one, but it is rather large and is pimple-like. It is about an eight of an inch wide and a quarter inch high.

I am worried this could be some type of an STD but I also got a wax last week, so is it possible it is an ingrown hair? Please let me know what you think


I had something like this happen, but not in the same context. I was raped in college and about a week later I noticed a bump down there. I was so scared. It turned out to be a pimple. It was about the same size and the surface looked a bit bluish purple, but I will advise that you get testing immediately just to be safe. The other thing it could be is genital worts or hpv. Now do not freak because they are pretty normal 3 out of 4 people have them. They do not hurt or itch or anything. It is a common known std though, but some people have them for a little while and then they just disappear. They appear on just about anywhere on you so that could explain the thing under your eye. Please see a doctor and get tested anytime you have unprotected sex though.