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so I just started college and I have had unprotected sex but with guys I definitely trust so I don't think they would lie about being clean. But I have noticed the last time I had sex after a week or two, I started to kind of itch down there, also it hurts sometimes when I pee? I get a discharge that is white, almost like thick, but also sometimes it's clear, I am not sure though if it could possibly just be a yeast infection. I have had symptoms like this before, and recently went to the gyn.. she would know if I had an std right? or would I specifically have to ask her. Not sure what to do and I just have one bump on the top of the lip, closer to my clit and it looks like a pimple, it's the only one I have so I am not sure to be honest what should I do .......!?


Hi emergency,

Get yourself tested.  It could be a UTI or a yeast infection or both but don't rule out an STD.

You can't "tell" if someone is infected by looking at them.  Many STD's remain dormant or hidden.  Every time you have sex with an individual you are having sex with EVERYONE that they ever had sex with.

Unless your gyn/ob tested for it, no.  She wouldn't know.

Respect yourself and use protection.

Good luck.