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I'm 19 and i have a girlfriend that's the same age, we both lost our virginity a little over a month ago. Since then we've had sex 4 times. All protected. Spermicidal condom and I pull out when I'm bout to cum. Last week i noticed a pimple like bump on the shaft from my penis, I messed with it and left it alone cause i thought it was nothing. So saturday we had sex, also with a condom, a day after that i noticed a red, flat bump at the same place i seen that pimple 2 days before that. I freaked out cause i was worried it may be an STD. the bump isn't open nor does it hurt. It's just a red, flat painless bump that I have there and I'm so scared. Can someone please tell me what's going on with that? Thank you.


I don’t think there is anything you should be worried about if you both lost your virginities to each other. It seems impossible to get an STD like that. Plus, you have used a condom so do not worry. What I think its happening is that since you are new to having sex and all, your skin might have gotten irritated. That is why that red patch appears. Don’t worry, it should go away soon if you don’t have sex. But if you are having sex every now and then , use some sort of skin cream and apply it to the spot because that might speed up the process of healing. Hope this helps