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hello I am a 17 year old and sexually active I have had unprotected sex before but no symptoms of anything I have had the same sex partner but have fooled around in the past. The last person I had sex with said she has been tested (which could be false). Anyway I got a bump on the head of my shaft about 4 weeks ago it didnt hurt or anything until I popped it then it would hurt to the touch and while healing resembled a misquito bite. I went to a sex clinic and showed them my Bump and they said it didnt look like much but didnt tell me what it could be. While there i got tested for chlemidia and ghonnoria both came back negative. I was afraid i had herpes even though the bump did not resemble a blister but did have clear fluid when i popped it barely any though. They told me to call back if i saw anything new so I waited a few days thinking about the fact that I have herpes 24/7. And what do you know a few days later a new bump came up. This one came in differently it was red and again didnt hurt or anything looked much like a pimple. I went back to the clinic and again after observing me they didnt think it was herpes or anything weird but didnt tell me what it could be. I wanted to know if it would act like the other bump i had so i popped it and almost nothing came out again however instead of going away like the other one it still remains and got a darker red color. I'm going to seek a doctor ASAP just want any ideas of what this could be because its driving me nuts its been 5 or 6 days IM FREAKING OUTTTT !!!


It's difficult to say what it is, especially because we haven't seen it...and the medical people who have seen it, say they don't recognise it.

You ask if you have an STI... but you've ruled out some of the more common ones.

I'm troubled that each time you have a bump eruption, you pop it. That basically spreads whatever infection was inside the bump all over. And, you later get additional bumps. It may be a repeating cycle that you are spreading.

The obvious solution may be TO NOT POP THE BUMP! Now, that may be difficult to keep your hands off it...and you may find that it itches or tingles or teases you so that you want to do something about it. Try a triple-antibiotic ointment, or something like liquid Band-Aide that will help to numb the spot, while also trying to heal it.

What is it? I don't know, but I know that anytime you open the body by rupturing the skin, you are admitting and spreading infection.

Now back to basics: You engaged in unprotected sex. You've had multiple partners. You have been told by the last partner that she was "clean", but you indicate that you have some doubt about the truthfulness of that statement.

Now, you have something you don't recognise. Would you tell a prospective partner that you too are still "clean"? You have been tested, but still, you're having erruptions of SOMETHING. How will you tell your next partner? Will you?

This all points to the need to use protection with your partners. What's done is done. You can't go back in time, but you sure can see why this is a real issue for the future.

Have you gone back to your most recent partner and told her of your concerns? Have you shared with her that she should be getting re-checked? Have you described this to her so that she can be prepared and possibly SPARE OTHER PARTNERS? That would be the responsible thing to do.

Good luck.