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Hi, i had sex with my boy fried 1 year ago and got pregnent! i aborted the child. Now we are married (last month 22nd) and now expectinga child but the home test result was negative. I am afraid of the following

1. Is this due to the abortion not done properly

2. I have had tablets to postpone my periods - 1 weekduring marraige from 19th Nov to 26th nov and i got my last period on 30/12
Ihave just tested for pregnency and teh result is negative. Will the tablets affect pregnency.

3. It seems the possibilities for pregnecy is more when we do intercouse on the 14th day after peroids.. I have not done it on teh 14th and 15th day, is that because of this.


I don't think I am following you correctly? How do you know you are pregnant if the HPT was negative? When you say you are expecting a child do you mean you are trying to get pregnant?

It takes a normal healthy couple an average of 6 months to conceive a child. If you have only been trying for one month then it is possible it just hasn't happened yet.

Day 1 of your cycle is the day your period starts. In a 28 day cycle, Day 14 is on average the most fertile.

The abortion won't hurt you chances of falling pregnant again. The tablets you took to postpone your period for your wedding may cause your period to come at slightly different times to what you are expecting for a couple of months.

The best way to achieve pregnancy is to have sex every second or third night from the end of your period.

Good luck


Thank you very much for your kind reply.

HPT was negative when i checked it now. But i was pregrant 1 year back and got the same aborted.

Noted reg the Day 14. If suppose i get my periods on 30th of Dec do you mean to say the 14th of Jan is most fertile?

I am not too sure what do you mean on the last point , Can i not have sex every day from the end of your period ?

Thank you once again and will await your reply.