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My friend Dakota found out that she is allergic to certain ingredients. So, it is very hard for her to maintain some diet plan because of it. In every diet program there is some ingredient that she just can’t eat. But, she can leave with it.

So, after a long, long research, she found out that Harcombe diet program is really good for her. This one has all ingredients that she can eat. But, she has heard that this one has a five – day eating plan?

Is that true?

Do you know anything about it?

Please, let me know if there is a five – diet day eating plan?


Hello there,

Yes, there is a five – day eating plan, and it is in the phase 1. I will give you exactly plan, because I have it for a long, long time. So,

Day 1 – breakfast: bacon and eggs, lunch: salmon steak with vegetables, except potatoes and mushrooms, and some salad, and for dinner you should eat brown rice and some vegetables.

Day 2 – breakfast: brown rice cereal with water, lunch: salad with some tuna and salad, hard boiled eggs and olives and dinner: lamb or pork chops with some salad and vegetables.

Day 3 – breakfast: ham omelet with 2 eggs, lunch: chicken or beef with olive oil and vegetables, and for dinner eat stuffed peppers and brown rise with vegetables.

Day 4 – breakfast: oats with water, lunch: salad with olive oil, and for dinner eat fish with a lot of vegetables,

Day 5 – breakfast: scrambled eggs with raw vegetables, lunch: roast or grilled chicken with salad, and for dinner eat some rice pasta in a tomato sauce.

One more, avoid mushrooms and potatoes :)




Hey there,

Well, this is so kind of you. Thank you so much. I will just copy and print this one document and will give it to her. She is allergic to mushrooms, I think. She is the first prison EVER that is allergic to mushrooms, that I know :)

So, now I really can see why did she chose this diet plan :)

Once again, I know that she didn’t know about this diet plan, 5 – day eating plan, but now, thanks to you, I am sure that she is going to be thrilled.

Thanks once again.

Bye bye!