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Hi All, When I have hypos I usually take some Jelly Babies, lucozade or gluco tabs and sometimes table sugar. I'm really getting in to this healthy food kick thing and wondered if there are any healthy options for getting rid of a hypo. I'm thinking along the fruit line and any other foods that may work as well. It seems to me that you would want something nutrition as well but I'm not sure how this would really work. Does anyone out there use healthy foods to get rid of a hypo? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hello, The whole idea in taking Jelly Babies, lucozade, gluco tabs or candy bars is that they supply a quick source of sugar that you need right now. However, many diabetics take in fruit and fruit juices such as orange juice. Nevertheless, there are a number of fruits you can eat if you prefer to get your sugar that way. For example, bananas, grapes, apples, peaches, figs, plums, prunes and cherries are great. I know I prefer to eat fruit because I love it so and I feel I'm getting nutrition from it as well. If you are a reactive diabetic, you might consider a high-glycemic snack to prevent hypos and you can do that even if you are not reactive. You'll need to plan when you will have a snack of course and continue with that schedule each day. I really think of gluco tabs and such as a quick fix for an unscheduled hypo or one you don't have often. Of course, a hypo could occur because of exercise. So to avoid a hypo altogether, try taking in snacks. Avoid things like pretzels, potato chips and granola bars etc. because they can generate hypos under certain conditions. What you need is low-glycemic carbs like those found in fresh fruits (there are your fruits) and a source of protein and fat. Cheese is a great food for this. So for example, try fresh apple slices, grapes and cheddar cheese or Brie (whatever). If you like cottage cheese, great! Take that and mix it with fruit like strawberries, raspberries etc. Maybe you want to try some veggies that are good for you so consider celery with cheese or peanut butter or guacamole or even a salad of greens, tomatoes with some olive oil and vinegar. Now keep in mind, combining carbs with protein and fat will slow down digestion so this is not meant for a quick fix but to stabilize blood sugars over time. Some people take a gluco tab and that isn't enough so they take a lite meal soon after to get the rest of the carbs they need with healthy nutrients such that their BG levels become stable.