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Im 13 years old and i need a excersise plan I have a cross trainer at home and i enjoy walking and running ( im not a big fan of running though) I also need a good diet plan and remember im 13 so i cant have something gourmet for lunch ad breakfast


OK, I will write out a plan for you which I told someone else which should hopefully help you, if you follow it or a similar style program and have one of the most important things in weight loss, patience, you should hopefully start seeing results over time.

Remember weight loss isn't an instant thing, to do it healthy you need to have patience and do it slowly over time.

WARNING: This is a long post, this is what you wanted...

OK, so here goes:


2 pieces of toast with wholemeal (real wholemeal) bread with a little bit of natural honey or fat free peanut butter or avocado.
A small bowl of natural muesli with skim milk and a cut up banana and maybe some sultanas, NO SUGAR.
A small bowl of oats (porridge) with skim milk and sultanas or cut up banana or any other fruit you would like to put in with it, NO SUGAR.
Just a piece of fruit, or 2!


Sandwich on wholemeal bread, there are a lot of varieties with this:

You could have a LEAN Ham and salad sandwich (1 slice of lean ham, lettuce, cucumber, spinach leaves, beetroot, sprouts, 1 slice of cheese and/or any other salads or veggies you want on it)
a Chicken salad sandwich where you buy a chicken from the fish and chip shop (most are ok just make sure they are charcoal chickens and not fried or anything) remove the skin and take a few pickings from the fresh white flesh of the breast and put it on a sandwich with other veggies and goodies.
1 egg scrambled with 1 slice of ham and a few spinach leaves mixed in and 2 slices of toast/bread with avocado spread on it or just plain bread, only use spray oil in the pan if you're doing this.
2 eggs scrambled with 1 slice of ham and a few spinach leaves mixed in with no bread.
A chicken salad using the same type of chicken from the charcoal chicken instead of making a sandwich put a few pickings of the breast in a bowl along with some lettuce, spinach leaves, cucumber etc whatever veggies you want, don't use any salad dressing though, or if you absolutely need something, some Balsamic Vinegar would be ok, only a splash though.

But, remember, you should only have 2 pieces of bread a day, so if you had toast for breakfast go for a lunch with no bread in it.
And also, you should only have 3-4 eggs per week as the yolks are quite high in cholesterol.


OK, now for dinner, if a member of your family cooks your meals for you it is a lot easier, if they don't  ask your parents to start cooking again, and if they don't you can, even basic meals.

A basic stir-fry with all sorts of veggies and a few strips of lean beef or chicken.

A small sized cut of steak with a potato and a few veggies.

All these things are so easy to cook and are good for you if eaten in the correct portion sizes.

Afternoon/Midnight Snacks:

Now, if you find yourself ever feeling peckish before dinner or late at night a little while after dinner, don't go and pig out, hopefully you should be feeling satisfied after eating what I've said but if you feel you need something you can have a few simple things such as:

Hand full of Unsalted Nuts.
Hand full of Dried fruit (Apricots, sultanas etc).
Piece of fruit or 2 (Apple, Banana, pear etc).
Small Bowl of fat free yogurt.

Any of those would be fine.


Please, no soft drink, they are absolutely loaded with sugar and are absolutely terrible for you, to really help yourself lose weight, be hydrated and do the best for your body you really need to try and drink WATER ONLY. Really you need at least 1 litre a day, Try using an old soft drink bottle and filling it with water and putting it in the fridge and carrying ti around with you, you will find you sip on it all the time and it will be gone in no-time, but you should do this everyday.

That is unless you have a proper water system in your house (Pura-tap etc) that cool and filter the water etc.


OK, Now the part we all hate but need, exercise.

You should be aiming to get at least 30 minutes of moderate to rigorous exercise in PER DAY at least 5 days a week.

Mostly cardio for weight loss (walking, running, jogging, swimming etc).

Now I know you said you have a cross trainer, USE IT, for a decent amount of time.

The things you can do is run/jog around your backyard if you are to self-conscious for 10 minutes and then have a break, then do it again, then later on in the day do it again, I know it seems a little odd, but it really is just as effective as on a treadmill or out anywhere for that matter.

You could go for a walk around your block, if once isn't enough, maybe go again.

Start parking further away from places and walking that distance, or walk to the shops instead of driving (if possible).

Ride a bike.

Get a skipping rope and jump rope a few times a day.

Also, if you wanted to do some weight training with dumbbells etc but can't afford a set, all you need to do is get 2 smallish bottle and fill them with water or sand, make sure they are the same weight (don't make them too heavy) and use them and do numerous sets of curls and lifts and other sorts you can find to do on the internet.

Also make some smaller ones to hold while you walk or jog to increase the toning in the arms while doing your cardio.

Do various stretches and holds and aerobic style things like squats, planks, arm rotating, sit ups, crunches etc.

Various Things:

Now. remember one of the main things you need is patience, if you can stick to this Lifestyle change and exercise you will lose weight, but remember you won't lose 10 kilos in a week, this is designed to be a long term lifestyle change for the better, a sustainable lifestyle unlike crash diets. You will start to see results over time!

Try to fix your sleeping pattern if it isn't already, get at least 8 hours of sleep and don't stay up too late (3am etc) because being awake then increases the chance of giving in to late night cravings.

Avoid Salad dressings, Oils, Butter, Margarine, Juices, Cordial. If you must have a salad dressing use just a splash Balsamic Vinegar and if you are doing some pan cooking and need oil only use a extra virgin olive oil spray oil and VERY lightly spray once in the pan to lightly cover the bottom of the pan.

Also, with Cheese get a REAL Cheese that you slice yourself, not those fake plastic "Cheese" slices.

Remember, this is probably the most important thing in losing weight: PORTION CONTROL.

What ever you have to eat, you have to have a sensible portion, you can eat 5 bowls of salad for lunch and say well I'm eating salad but the point is you have eaten 5 bowls, it is therefor ineffective, so when you are having dinner just remember to give yourself a sensible portion.

A cut of meat should be around the size and thickness of your palm, veggies should be around 1-1/2 hand fulls and so on.

Sometimes it helps to add in a cheat meal, NOT A CHEAT DAY but just maybe a cheat dinner, once a fortnight, it can help with maintaining a healthy diet and nourishing those temptations every now and then, DON'T GO OVERBOARD THOUGH!

For example don't get a burger with all the toppings and a super-size chips with a large coke... Get maybe a chicken burger with a small chips and still drink water, catch my drift?

You should be consuming no more then 2000 calories and 2200 milligrams of sodium a day, so try to stay under that. Maybe try to cut the daily calorie intake by 500, so stay around the 1500 mark max, if you can.

Well I can't think of anything more at the moment, if I do I will add another comment with what I remember!

I too have gone through a similar problem that you and your family are, I decided enough was enough and had a similar lifestyle change, it is a gradual process but I already feel much, much better and you will too, good luck!

I hope this really helped, please let me know if it did or how you are going etc

Would be glad to talk to you more about how you are going if you wanted to!

Daniel. :-)


Not sure if you are as it wasn't specified but this plan I did was for another user who was overweight, so if you are not then ignore the losing weight and overweight part etc.


Also remember you need Fibre (breads etc), 5 Vegetables, 2 pieces of fruit, Omega 3 (Tuna, Fish) and other vitamins etc EVERY DAY.