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I have been experiencing severe reactive hypoglycemia. It is really impacting my life negatively. I have test results coming back to me for my A1c but I don't see what difference that will make on anything. I need to know how to get my sugar back under control.  I never used to have this problem and now it has gotten worse.  I never had my blood sugars go so low and it is really unnerving to me.  I am afraid to go back to work as I work with heavy equipment at my job.  It would be dangerous for me and everyone else if I had a low during the operation of one of the machines. 

I need some advice on how to get my blood sugars back under control so that I do not end up passing out or going into a coma.  Many people think I am drunk when I have my spells.  Luckily, they finally notice my ID bracelet or my pendant showing I am diabetic.  I also have it engraved on it where I ask anyone who reads it to give me some sugary food or drink.  Many people do not know what to do for a diabetic. Hopefully, I will get my sugars under control so that I do not have this happen regularly, I have had the EMTs called twice already in the last month because of this.


You should take your blood sugar frequently just to make sure your BG is at an acceptable level.  You should always eat your snacks as scheduled.  You may want to check your blood sugar 2 hours after you eat your meal to see if you are consuming enough carbs.  If you are on meds or insulin, you may want to speak to your doctor about adjusting them.