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I am on Day 9 after surgrey. And all I can say is these damn ear aches are horrible. I understand that your ear would hurt but it shouldnt hurt this bad. I cant take the pain medication they gave me (loritab 5/500mg) because I started vomitting up stomach acid for 2 days. (on days 3-4) And comes to find out it has vicodin in  it and I told my doctor I was allergic to vicodin. How stupid can he be to give me that he could have given me something esle. but now im stuck with taking nothing but tylenol and boy oh boy it dosent help at all. the pain in my throat is at bare minimal its just the ear pain im dealing with. i have tried sleeping with a heating pad on it,warm rags,tylenol,ice packs and nothing is seeming to work does anyone have a remedy so that i may have a rest at this damn ear pain?  :-|


Hey there i am on day 7 after surgery from getting my tonsils removed and i tell yeah the ear pain is unbearable but i actually just take 2 t3s and puts me out, make sure they are the ones with codine in them tho. i havent tried anything else cause that seems to be working for me but at the same time everyone is different!!!