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Well I'm 17 and I had my Tonsils out on the 26th March 09. I suffered from tonsiltis so went to a sergeon and said i'd like my tonsils out, and he said ok gave me the paper work and i signed it there n then. only becuase my mum knew him i got in so fast. =]

So you get scheuled for a pre-assesment. You go in about a week before your surgery, have blood test get swabbed in the nose, throat and groin. The groin because of MRSA. I was clear thank god. And you also go through the procedure and your medical history, nothing major. I've had 6 operations before this so I no it all. not being big headed just saying.

so its the day of the op. you wait get in your gown oh and you have to where stockings these days lol!!, a nurse will go through it with you. you also meet your anestherioligist. then you either get taken to the operation room or to a ward to wait if your surgery is a bit late. I went to a ward and like 5 mins i was in the ward i got called. so me n my dad went up and i got put of a trolly (bed). i got asked questions then wheeled in. was scared because of the unknown. when i got in there and met the anatheasologist and my surgeon and all the assistants i was fine. they where absoluetly wonderful! they held my left arm and put an iv in. wasent bad just a scratch. and they put pads on you for your heart. When your asleep they put a breathing tube in, and they take it out before you wake. they then put you to sleep i went so quick i didnt even no lol. so i then woke in PAQU the recovery bit. and they watch you for a while and make sure your ok. give you pain killers and stuff then after awhile they take you to the ward and you sleep and they put you on a drip. i stayed over night because i woke up at like 7 so there was no point because they have to make sure you can eat. it hurts of course because its basically the centre of your body if you think about it. you need to swollow like every few mins so of course its going to hurt but. it may hurt but for me i just let the pain happen. do not cri, cough, or keep your teeth together. close your mouth but open your teeth much better! try sleeping as much as upright as possible! right do's and donts

-Plently of water!
-eat sharp things! eg. toast, crisps but quavers are recomended! cereal no milk!!!!!! it will stick to the tonsals and make it worse and wont heal quicker. sharp things scratch at the tonsals and help it heal, i thought it would make it bleed but she said no. may sound stupid but i spoke to the head of sugery and she said no sloppy foods like milk, yogurt, ice cream, or anything like that.
i found that jelly was ok, its like really softbut then it solid so wont stick!
also i ate quavers and frosties. frosties are nice and sweet. i tried sticking to these. and im on day 8 and its looks good felling good still sore but mending nicely.

ok donts.
if you lay down, my god its painful! learnt that! now when i go to sleep ive put it so theres a slope where my head goes. just try and sit up when you sleep, not confortable but its pain free. try and drink like every few mins to keep it moist. you will wake up at nights so have a puzzle book and water always with you. i found that helped. i only got like 4 hours sleep the first 5-6 nights but last night day 7/8 sleep i got 9 hours!!!! that was becuase i kept drinking water, and i had myself up right. erm also..when you get your pain killers i got given paracetamol and cuprofen. But the head of surguery had a go at nurses for not giveing me a liquid med called CODINE LINCTUS BP. What it is, is you take it 15 mins before you eat it numbs your throat. wonderful stuff. it tasts like orange. try and get it! i recomend it!! if you get it. avoid taking water or juice with it. cause if u do it dosent work. it just goes straight to your stomache not your throat. but like few days after i had it done i hated it, i wanted to give up but dnt. even with the pain. its worth it! week or 2 with pain is worth a lifetime without pain. any questions ask me. im on day 8 and its going ok. its looks so good. only 1 white bit left. and i found these sores on the bak of my tounge and honestly thats the only thing that hurts, not the tonsils but them sores so. it goooood. =] hope this helps. bit long but there the facts.


Hi. I'm a 44 year old female, an RN, who is now Day 5 post tonsillectomy. 

Day 1 was no big deal. I had minimal pain and actually ate fairly well and was in good spirits. Day 2 the pain was worse. I did take the advice to set my alarm and take the scheduled Lortab 7.5/500 15 ml every 4 hours without fail. Day 3 the pain was even worse than the day before and this continued through Day 4. It was difficult to speak with any volume so I didn't talk much on Days 3 and 4.  Today is the first day that the pain is less than the previous day. Amazing. 

Sleeping has been difficult. The first night I was afraid to sleep as each time I drifted off, I was awakened, feeling like I was choking on drainage down the back of my throat. I watched movies until 6:30 am and then slept the morning away. The second night I slept propped up on several pillows and that was much better. I have been eating pretty well. Lots of mac n cheese, soups, sorbet, protein drinks, jello and flavorice.  

Also, I have been preemptively treating for constipation related to the pain meds, taking colace and a couple doses of milk of magnesia with good results.  Also, I retrieved our humidifier from my mom's house which was a great help in keeping my throat moist. I was a bit surprised at the amount of ear pain associated with the surgery. I tried gel packs but found frozen peas and carrots stayed colder much longer, providing longer relief - one bag wrapped in a dishtowel for each side of my neck. 

The therapy I've done the most is brush my teeth and gargle with diluted mouthwash, sometimes brushing my teeth 5 times a day. Having my teeth clean and to clear the junk out of the back of my throat has helped a great deal. Regarding bleeding, twice I've noted dark red colored phlegm from the back of my throat early in the morning. Thick, so not bloody drainage per se. 

On the 3rd and 4th days I ran a temp from 101-102 then down to 99+. This can be contributed to dehydration as I would have to brace myself to swallow anything including the pain medication.  I added an additional 500mg of Tylenol to bring the fever down, which worked nicely. 

Sometimes I would hold a swallow in my mouth for five minutes before gaining the courage and strength to swallow. I still find myself doing that today on Day 5.  I try to time taking in of fluids to 1/2 post pain med administration. It does help. I do the same with my meals. 

My 11 year old daughter has asked if I'm bored. I would be if I wasn't ill. It would be boring to spend four days in bed but I'm not well and so it doesn't feel like anything but mandatory. I've watched a ton of movies: Salt; Moneyball; Ferris Beuller's Day Off; Little Black Book; Bruce Almighty; Elizabeth; Gnomeo and Juilette; Men in Black; You Again, Charlie St Cloud, Dinner for Schmucks, The Brady Bunch Movie, The King's Speech, The Switch, Something Borrowed. I didn't say they were GOOD movies ;) 

So, hang in there. It's doable but a big pain. Remember: pain meds; ice; humidifier; sleep sitting up; watch for bloody drainage; check your temp; hydrate; shower; dress; brush your teeth. I have a bell and three great kids and a great husband that comes to help me. Well, our middle kid broke his arm this week so it's been a heck of a week for us. We'll get through. Chin's up folks. Best of luck!