After suffering with many many trips to the ER in the past two years and multiple times of getting tonsillitis and strep throat I finally decided to go see an ENT and talk about getting a tonsillectomy. On my first appt he looked at my tonsils and suggested right away that we needed to get them out because they were so swollen and i also had tonsil stones. He said i would continue to deal with the strep throat and tonsillitis basically for the rest of my I finally decided to get them taken out. I had my surgery three weeks later. 

Day before surgery, pre op diagnostic testing-I basically just went in to get pre registered for my surgery and get my blood work and urine sample taken. They gave me my instructions for my surgery, such as no eating after midnight, no nail polish or jewelry, and pack an overnight bag just in case I had to stay over night.

Day of surgery-I woke up around 5 :30am and took a shower.My appt was at 7 am and we got there about 10 mins early and we're taken back right at 7.I had to get dressed into my gown and get my iv started right away. By 8 the anesthesiologist team came in to introduce themselves and let me know we were just waiting for the doc to come see me and the operating room to be ready for me.At 9 am they gave me some kind of happy medicine because I had told the anesthesiologist that going under general anesthesia was freaking me out and I was shaking so much. So they gave me the medicine into my iv. I said goodbye to my husband and they rolled me into the operating the time we got to the or I was already feeling so sleepy, I don't remember much after that just waking up in the recovery room.My surgery lasted about 45 mins and I was in recovery for about an hour and 30 mins. They gave me some water and a Popsicle and towards the end of my stay I started hurting so the nurse gave me some pain meds before I left. 

Day 1-My pain level was consistently at a 2-3 all day, at about 4pm I started vomiting and I couldn't hold any liquids down either but I kept drinking because I didn't want to get dehydrated and end up in the ER. I iced my neck with an ice pack all day which helped with swelling and felt great on my throat. By 8 pm I felt a lot better after eating and taking my pain meds. I was up pretty much every 3 hours during the night to take some sips of water and took my pain med every 4 hours on the dot. Those usually kicked in pretty quickly and I was able to sleep right after. 

Food on day 1- A couple hours after getting home I ate half a cup of cold apple sauce and drank two cups of water.

Later I had a sugar free Popsicle which felt like heaven on my throat. I also kept sucking on chipped ice that my husband bought me from sonic. Which also felt so good on my throat.  A couple hours before bed I ate some orange sherbet and some diluted Gatorade which I vomited within 5 mins later. I kept trying to stay hydrated with water and a little bit of diluted apple juice and within a few hours I felt a lot better. When I took my last dose of medicine before bed I ate half a cup of Apple sauce and two cups of water and a few sips of a protein shake that I couldn't really handle because of my stomach but I was made of almond milk, banana and total lean protein from GNC.

Currently waking up on Day 2 and I feel pretty good, pain level is at a 2 and I just took my pain meds so I am going to try and get a lot of rest and I will update tonight as far as my pain level and what I ate.