I am a 19yr old female on day 7 of recovery after my tonsillectomy. Before my operation I was so excited about getting the operation because of my past with my tonsils and because I thought everyone was over reacting with the recovery pain. I still had this mind frame after I woke up from surgery. I felt great after surgery I vomited about 4 hours post op (because of my body's reaction with the drugs during surgery)  and I stayed the night as hospital (just to get monitored and make sure everything was okay).

The night of my surgery I didn't have an appetite when the dinner came (veggies and quiche) and so later on my nurse got me a mini "platter" with jelly, custard, biscuits and cheese and sandwiches. Surprisingly I easily ate the biscuits and cheese and sandwiches and only had a few mouthfuls of the jelly and custard (I don't agree with the texture). 

The next morning I didn't feel the best probably a 6/10 on the pain scale (10 being the worst) and my surgeon came in to discharge me from the hospital. I was issued with Prodeine Forte (pain relief) and Celebrex (anti inflammatory). I also ate scrambled  eggs for breakfast and a little bit of toast. 

That night I slept like a log and the next morning the pain was still there I was probably feeling a 7/10 on day 1 and just kept up with my usual medication every 6 hours. That night had the worst sleep and on day 2 I was probably a 9/10 I started to loose my ability to talk and my throat really started to inflame and feel like razor blades (like tonsillitis but 10x worse). I booked a doctors appointment and I was prescribed Endone (pain relief) as I felt my pain killers were targeting everywhere but my tonsils. 

Day 3 was okay I started eating toast to take off the scabs (the white pus looking things) after my meal I didn't see any improvement and stayed on top of my meds (except Celebrex because I didn't eat enough to take it). I had experienced horrible heart burn all day as well as struggling to swallow my own saliva. 

Day 4 was my worst day by far. I was in so much pain I hardly ate or drank and I was considering going back to hospital. The heart burn was really irritating and the ear aches had begun. This was the first time I had actually cried from the pain (which made my throat feel even worse) and I was wishing my life away and that I had never gotten the operation to begin with. The codeine provided by the hospital had ran out by now and I was just surviving off one type of pain relief. 

Day 5 was better and I took Celebrex again which made a massive difference I felt semi normal again as I could swallow without cringing. I also had earaches but only on the right side of my head. I had another doctors appointment (with my usual GP) today that I had booked before my surgery as a check up. I managed to eat two pieces of toast today with grilled cheese to soften it as much as I could. Day 6 was easier as well as my throat was not as inflamed anymore. However the ear ache was still prominent all day and my tonsil hurt but only on the right side again which I thought was odd.

It is currently day 7 and I feel about a 2/10 on the pain scale, I'm just cautious about what I'm eating and chewing tiny bites to its easier on my throat to swallow. I had a massage this morning which seemed to have cure my pain as now I have no more earaches just a sharp pain when I swallow certain things. My appetite isn't fully back yet and I have an acupuncture appointment in 2 days so I think I'll be back at it on day 11.

I also applied ice packs every morning before medication to decrease the inflammation and ate lemonade ice block every so hours because it cured the pain directly for a couple of seconds. I also had the soothing strepsils every couple of hours for antibacterial reasons and to sooth the pain.