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im 14 and i had my tonsils out on 6/17/09 and since theres not alot of help on the internet for 14 year olds i decided to do this.Im glad i got the tonsilectomy done now instead of when im 40 bc i can barely stand my pain and all of you that are older then me i KNOW are suffering more i give props to you for withstanding all of it.Im sorry for any misspelling or the order of the events are wrong im tired but i cant go to sleep due to my ear pain plus my keyboard is not working right.

Day of surgery:
i wasn't really scared of surgery even though it was my first time in surgery.Maybe it was because i litterally begged to have it done since i had strep throat 8 times that year,i got tired very easily,doctor said even though i sleep about 10 hours i didnt get any sleep because of tonsils,and really bad breath.The nurses at the hospital were really nice when i had to get the iv in the nurse gave me this little shot that was no bigger then the thorn on the bee(i dont know what its called sorry) to numb my hand before she put the needle in then she put the iv on which tickled when that water went threw my bloodstream.i went in with a teddy bear(most of younger children didn't even bring one so i felt weird not even the little 4 year old girl in the room next to me brought one)and i also brought my fake fur blanket(i recommend it if you have a history in your family where they got really cold afterward and i mean super cold like no heat in your body cold which happened to me) i had too pee in a cup which is not fun after not being able to eat or drink past 12 am. i was not allowed to wear a bra under the gown which felt very uncomfortable but they let me keep my shorts and underwear on at least.I laid down in bed and talked to my mom and grandma while i could talk and then the doctor came in asking us if we had any questions i didnt ask any because i am very shy so he left and said i would be knocked out and wake up out of surgery and feel like i haven't been asleep that long and he left.Then the anesthesiologist came and said he was ready then he asked if i was scared and i responed that it would just be a really sore throat(which for me it is) he stared at me and was quiet for what seemed like forever and he finally said what he was going to do and left.After about 5 minutes 2 nurses came in and wheeled me off after my mom and grandma kissed me.They keep asking me what the name of my teddy was and asked if i brought it because it had a bunch of clovers on it for luck(no i brought it because i can ease pain by squeezing a teddy bear as much as my muscles could.They brought me in a room and put a blanket over my blanket and put the anesthia in the iv and i passed out.I woke up after surgery and i guess i didn't bleed because they said nothing about it and i was in pain sooo much and i was shaking like crazy they flipped me on my side and put something in my hip.i was rolled to a room with many other people who were passed out and looked like corpse the nurse told me i could get off the bed and walk to the chair(i feel proud i didnt even have to have help to get to the chair :D ) i drank 2 glasses of gatorade because it felt so good and my mom and grandma came in i was really dizzy in my eyes but i didnt want to sleep then the nurse asked if i wanted a popsicle and yes i took the popsicle and it also felt wonderful and i talked to my mom and grandma then i was told to change and get into the wheelchair i left before the other patients that came in the room before me.In the car i was really dizzy but i didn't sway but my mom worrying about me told my grandma to hold on to my arm so i dont hit my head on the window.Came home my dad carried me upstairs and layed me in bed which before the surgey i set everything up like inclined my pillows moved a small table next to my bed so i could reach everything without help.I fell asleep my cousins and grandpa came to visit me and pick my grandma up which wore me out i can't remeber what happened the rest of the night but i had to go to the bathroom alot and i ate 3 blue popsicles(all the others sound gross to me except blue)
and my mom slept on a pull out trendal bed which i have under my bed for when company comes over and fell asleep.

Day 1:

I took my pain medicine when i woke up i ate 2 blue popsicles through the day drank two glasses of water i did not want to take the antibiotic it hurt to swallow but after a while of swallowing water my throat felt better so tip drink alot of water even if it hurts because the more water i drank the less pain i had after i drank :idea: i ate mashed potatoes for dinner it felt okay but didn't taste great due to the bad breath i had and couldnt help i brushed my teeth but i cant brush my tongue were the gross taste is because the tonsils and uvuala especially are so swollen i could rech back there i can barely even open my mouth so i stopped talking and resorted to my sisters little dry erase board.My mom didn't sleep with me tonight and instead of a bell we hooked up a phone charger in my room and i could beep the phone and in the middle of the night i needed her guess what the phone was left downstairs so me being a little soldier and withstanding the pain went to the room next to me to get my mom to get me some water with ice because i ran out.After taking the pain medicine i went back to sleep.

Day 2:

i woke up and i felt terrible i cold sweated so much in my sleep and my back and even pillows were soaked i dont sweat much either.I threw up water took a bath because i got it in my hair.I ate some plain shaved ice without any syrup.Then after a while I did not want to eat and my mom kept bugging me about eating even though i knew if i ate i would throw up so i ate some cherry jello i was able to keep it down for a while but my stomach hurt like crazy and my mom wanted me to eat more i didn't want anything and she said she would go get anything i want because we are out of blue popsicles but i was on medicine so i forgot to tell her to get that so i said banana popsicles bad idea i ate it and threw up both the jello and banana pop :( it does not feel good on your tonsils after surgery when you throw up.Took another bath changed again and ate more ice.I decided after everyone went to sleep i want to brush my teeth i brushed my teeth it felt so good on them then i was able to get a little on my tongue the bad idea came in when i decided to gurgle because some tootpaste got on my tonsils i chocked on my uvula and it kept going up and done it almost went on my tongue then some scabs came off :( it hurt so much i was shaking i took my pain medicine whiched hurt alot going done but after a while the pain was gone but i could still feel a little bit then my mom recommended me to use this medicine you put up your but and it helps you not throw up and i did take it it helped alot but made me sleepy so i fell asleep.

Day 3:

i wokeup at 3:30 am and felt nauseas took my pain medicine then my mom got me a muffin to eat i ate it and kept it down then went back to sleep.All day i could still taste the throw up from yesterday i have alot of mucus in my throat and i keep spitting in a bucket where you throw up because it tastes bad it stings and my throat is swollen alot i was scared to eat all day but forced myself to eat some plain angel hair spaghetti no sauce and a little and mean little bit of parmesan and i forced myself to drink water too though it was painful and i slept alot today.

Day 4:

i awoke at 4 this morning went to the bathroom i came back to my room layed down got settled and my cat started drinking my water i was really thirsty i was in pain when i tryedto get up again i tryed the beeper the phone was dead i was hoping my mom would get up but no i waited 2 hours and i told my self your going to have to get up so i got up i felt really dizzy and swayed back and forth finally got my mom to get my water and she was cranky and dropped my straw on the floor where i threw up at even though it was cleaned up i still didnt want it she got mad and said i was being really picky and she got me another straw and i went back to bed i woke up again and felt great way better then yesterday but still in pain and i was craving sonic chicken so my mom went and got it(yes a very nice mother to keep going out of the house to get me my cravings) she got me tatertots and an oreo blast too. i ate two itty bitty bites of tater tots it was hard to eat so i stopped i ate 5 bites of chicken it tasted very good and the bites were not too big my jaw got tired so i stopped and tryed to eat the oreo blast after only 2 bites i got a bunch of mucus in my throatwhich trapped the taste of chicken which i still taste on day 5 which is really gross.watched a few shows went to bed i didnt have to take the pain killer today except for after after i ate.I watched a few shows watched a movie with my mom i ate a little of my dads birthday cake which tasted really sweet then i went to sleep.

Day 5:

so far i woke up with my ears in alot of pain and my throat only sore near the uvula i thought im finally getting better but after about an hour i swallow some water and the uvula reacts by stretching up and down i feel likeits trying to break off or something my tongue is swollen in the front and is keeping the saliva near my teeth and my throat is a little dry but im going to take my pain medicine wait til that takes affect and drink alot of water i hope the rest of the day gets better from here and i keep gagging

questions i have:

how was your expirence at day 5 and onward?

when can i go swimming again?

do you think i can eat a schuberts parkhouse rolls?

what did you do to release ear pain?

and im gagging every few minutes because of my swollen uvula is that normal?

And if you are 14 or know someone who is 14 by whatday were they feeling there worst,best,and when did they get fully better?

do you think i could gargle again because the mucus is bugging me?

know any tricks to get rid of mucus?

your help will be greatly apprecitated! :D


I'm really glad to hear that you have been recovering relatively well! It sounds like you've had some rough patches but it sounds by and large like youa re diong pretty well. I do think that the ear pain however is a little unusual, and I don't think that it's totally typical. Did you talk to your doctor about it? I would recommend it. Keep us posted, okay?


yes i called my doctor today and instead of every 4 hours take pain meds he made it every 3 hours yes i will try and keep posted