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Hey Everyone,

I will give you a little background on my situation first so someone doesn't make the mistake I made by waiting.

I am a 23 year old male that has been through quite a bit dealing with my tonsils the past month. I had contracted mono roughly a month ago around February 3rd. I had severe tonsillitis for 9 days with a hospital stay in between to get fluids because of severe dehydration. Subsequently, I got better for 5 days, but not much and got Strep Throat. At this point I was very frustrated because I hadn't eaten a square meal in close to two weeks.

I went around another 7 days with one sided tonsillitis much like the common symptoms of mono. I felt like I could overcome this issue on my own as I was on the second Z-pack in 3 weeks, until I couldn't even take the medicine. The problem is that my tonsils were unusually large and I began having difficulty breathing and felt downright miserable because of the Mono. I am not one to not go to the doctor though. Up to this point, I had gone to 5 doctors within a 2 week period. Many people started believing I was a hypochondriac and I started to believe them because I haven't ever had Mono or Strep and thought it caused severe pain with no swallowing and difficulty talking and breathing. I should have never doubted how miserable I felt.

I wanted to attend a friends wedding and had to make a short 3 hour drive to Dallas. I noticed I was very short of breath, in extreme amounts of pain, and my face started swelling from the lymph nodes and my tonsils. I had a choice go to the hospital or try to finish the rest of the journey to Houston. I chose to go to the hospital thankfully.

I got immediately admitted into ER where I was put on heavy pain medicine, antibiotics, steroids and saline to nourish my body. Many blood cultures were taken, but my throat was so swollen that the doctors feared it may close up and obstruct my airway. I didn't realize how serious it was until the hospital admitted me and had me in ICU for the next two days. I was on constant watch and had to take drug almost every 3 hours because I was so sick. Everyone that saw me though I was a walking corpse devoid of color and life.
In ICU a blood pathogen specialist advised me that I had a blood infection due to the severe infection caused by the strep and mono. I still couldn't talk for the first 2 days.

I was moved to the general hospital on day 3 where the ENT had to have a CT Scan done because my swelling was so severe they couldn't even analyze the trauma. After the results came back, I had apparently a decent sized abscess on the right tonsil. The doctor advised that I would have a tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on day 5 at the hospital after enough medicine had been pumped to stabilize the infection that was ravaging my body.

On Day 5, Feb 28th I had the surgery. Everything went well and I felt great do to the morphine I was on. I still feel like morphine doesn't work as well as lortab for me. The doctor drained 5ml out of the specific abscess and removed my tonsils and uvula. Below I will list how I felt on the days and hopefully get some feedback from someone that has been through mono and tonsillectomy/uvulectomy at the same time. I was released March 1 to recover at home.

Day 1: After surgery I felt good. I felt nauseous because of the medicines and my stay at the hospital had me sleeping at 45 degrees. This day wasn't that bad. I ate jello that night a few hours after surgery with some water. Initially, it was difficult because water kept coming out of my nose, but other than that, pain was minimal.

Day 2: I woke up in the hospital and still felt good. I'm assuming the remnants of the morphine still were in my system, but I actually opted for oral painkillers such as lortab liquid this day. It was uncomfortable, but today was also not bad. I was very tired from lack of sleep. The mono really made me weak considering I couldn't eat to keep energy up as well. My muscles were sore and I felt like I had worked out for hours on end. Today, I actually ate more and the pain was slightly more than the first day. I ate jello, drank broth, and water. The pain could be most likened to a minor sore throat.

Day 3: I had been released from the hospital late on Day 2 and prescribed an antibiotic, and two painkillers(oxycontin and lortab liquid). I had talked to my doctor because Lortab liquid gives me a severe burning feeling while taking it. It causes me to shake because of the pain and me not wanting it to go up my nose. The pain this day again wasn't pain. It was discomfort. Popsicles, cold jello, and pudding were my friends.I ate jello like it was going out of style. If I make a recommendation, Jello is my recommendation. Anything too cold actually makes me more uncomfortable. I do think shakes help a bunch as well. I tried to eat tortilla soup this day and found out that even something I don't think is spicy can irritate your throat due to the rawness. I made some mistakes this day, but the pain was minimal and I kept with my pain medication.

Day 4: Today got worse. I only at some mac and cheese today and it feels like my throat is swelling and that there is a burn in my throat. I have a higher pain tolerance, but the pain skyrocketed this day. Coughing became miserable and caused me to have a choking sensation. Some blood was coughed up and phlegm was an issue. I still stay on my pain medication schedule of oxycontin 2 times a day and lortab every 4 hours as needed. I bought ensures to make sure my body is keeping as healthy as I can during the situation. I haven't ate a good meal in 3 weeks roughly and the hunger has become an issue. I get through this by keeping my mind on something else.

Day 5/6: The worst pain yet. It feels like something is pinching my throat. The pain medication didn't work for most of the day and it was very difficult to take medicine. I would like to say the tonsillectomy has been easy, but it hasn't. This day has tested my fortitude because I wanted to break down today after a month long struggle with the illness and surgery. As I stand right now, I am very tired and sore from the mono. I wonder what the future is going to bring because I don't know many people to be as sick as I when they got their tonsillectomy.

So that is kind of what has happened and where my pain is for the 5 days so far. I wanted to know if anyone else had ideas of how to gain energy when you have mono and are trying to get over the tonsillectomy. Rest is always assured, but are there any foods you recommend. I am still mostly on liquids due to the difficulty of eating and that I also have soreness from the uvulectomy.

I recommend that people stock up on water, jello, pudding, and Popsicle. These really made every day bearable and I actually had a cooler next to my bed because I am very weak from lack of energy and mono.

What can I expect over the next few days? I know it will get better, but is there a food I could take to boost my energy? I have lost close to 30 pounds in one month and it looks like I'll be adding to that. I just want to keep in good spirits despite being so sick.

Thanks for your time.



i can semi tell you what to look forward to, a life of pain has been it for me. I had it that bad when I was 19. since this time I gradually faded from being athletic and productive to now fully disabled at 44. spinal issues headaches many different anemias hypercoagulation  and so many different issues and doctors its been a long ride. Find a doctor who specializes in it, more then you think dont believe in it and this will only lead to you going through what i have, many specialist one after another,,, they would gladly say i am mental if the blood tests and priapism did not prove its not in my head. Good luck y ou wi ll need it.