I'm 33 years old and I arrived at clinic around 8:30 a.m. today 10/26-2010. Was in waiting room 20 minutes and then my name was called. Pretty nervous at this point,I've been reading nothing but PAIN,PAIN,PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! also nervous because the last time I was put to sleep ,I had a two hour long ,uncontrollable body part.Pretty embarrassing, since my brother -in-law was in the room. Very uncomfortable situation.Anyways,moving on. Started I.V, I took an antibiotic pill and was carted off to O.R.. Anesthesiologist came in and knocked me out. I cant spell, sorry.Woke up and nurse was there in my room checking on me and had me drink two small shots of hydrocodone syrup. First hour after surgery i was on the road , headed back home. Got home and tried to drink. It was small sips cause it wanted to come out of my nose. Not in pain. 4-6 hours later,I am starving. My wife fixed some chicken noodle soup and a glass of Gatorade. Soup went down fine. Still have to take small sips of drinks. Shortly after noodles, I ate mashed potatoes and gravy. Right after that I ate a sloppy Joe. I was starving since I didn't eat the night before and this morning. I have a feeling I'm gonna gain weight,not lose it. Not in pain , been taking pain syrup. Just feels kinda like a small case of strep throat with something stuck in throat. Not painful just uncomfortable right now. This is day one and I will keep you posted on my status for next couple of days. Any Q's????????? Like name of pain syrup,antibiotics,etc... I'll get on later tomorrow or the next day.