I am 19 but 20 in less than a month (female). When I was 12 I had an adenoidectomy due to snoring issues, but they did not take my tonsils seeing as though they didnt have a reason to. Over the last 2 years or so I have struggled with my health. I could not go a full week without getting sick. Early this year (2013) I had the flu bad enough to hospitalize me, 2 sinus infections, viral pharyngitis, and 3 head colds. After that I constantly had gland and ear pain so I decided to make a doctors appointment as they tested me for everything under the sun before sending me to an ENT. After all the negative tests I went to the ENT and sure enough, my tonsils were huge and causing the trouble. We set the date to get them removed; august 30, 2013.


Day 1: Surgery day: My surgery was scheduled for 8:30am. All I remember was being wheeled to the operating room after the assistant anesthesiologist injected a relaxant into my IV. Once I got to the operating room, I had to switch beds and that is when I felt the relaxant kick in. I felt drunk. They put the mask over my face and told me to start taking some deep breaths and I was staring at the ceiling as I did so. I do not remember anything after that. I woke up in the recovery room with a nurse who said my name a couple times. I wanted to sit up as soon as I woke up and went to ask the nurse but no voice came out. I motioned for her to sit me up and I coughed a bit then ate some ice chips. I asked her where my mom was and my voice came out this time just not very clear or loud. I was given an oxycodon as soon as I woke up. After about 10 minutes in recovery they brought me back to where I started and where my mom was waiting. They asked me how much pain I felt on a scale of 1-10. I said 2. I was given a popsicle and another oxy around that time. I felt woozy but not much pain at all. After another 30 minutes or so I got dressed and they wheeled me to the car. As soon as we got home I wanted to lay down because the car ride made me antsy and blah. The rest of that day I ate tons of popsicles and ice and drank tons of ice water. STAY HYDRATED!! Later that afternoon/early night I needed to take my pain medication as I started to feel some pain. I started at 10ml of Loritab Elixir which is liquid hydrocodone. I made sure I set my alarm for every 2 hours. Yes, 2 hours. I did not get much sleep. Maybe 1-1.5 hours in between doses and ibuprofen. The ibuprofen tablets were weird to swallow but did not hurt. Around 7 or 8 pm I was struggling bad. I could not say one word because it hurt so bad. I had to text my friend sitting right next to me but I do promise the medication alleviates some of that pain.

Throat: black


Day 2: So throughout the night I struggled a bit with pain but not as much as day 2. Day 2 I was in bed all day. I had ice on my neck and struggled to get to my next dose of pain medication. Swallowing did not hurt my throat but my EARS!!! oh my goodness did it hurt. When it was at its worst I would hold onto my bed and grip with all my might to swallow. I ate popsicles and ice chips again on day 2 and that night had mashed potatoes with gravy from KFC. They went down smoothly and I was not in much pain that evening only because the doctor told my mom I was taking the wrong dose of my medication. The reason we found this out was because I had my mom call to get me stronger medication when in fact, they had me on the wrong dosage. I was supposed to be taking between 15-20ml. I took 15ml that night and it made the pain much more manageable. I will tell you right now that talking may not hurt but it WILL LATER. Try not to talk if you can help it. Through that night I struggled again. I think the sleep makes it hurt more when you wake up even though I was up every 2 hours and had a humidifier right next to my bed. I continued icing my neck which feels good. 

Throat: blackish white


Day 3: Day 3 was extremely painful. The swallowing hurt like I cannot even describe but the medication helps!!! Stay on top of it or you will regret it BIG TIME. I ate some Lipton noodle soup on day 3 which actually wasnt so bad but the noodles felt funny because of all the room in my throat. Ice cream was not my best friend at all throughout recovery because dairy produces a thick mucus which causes you to either swallow alot or spit alot neither of which feel too good. By day 3 I was spitting alot anyway. I am not sure why but have tissues, washcloths, and a trashcan nearby in case you have lots of saliva. I discovered that heat felt good on my ears by day 3. Some people like cold on their ears but the heat (if you have a cornbag I highly suggest using it) made the ear somewhat moist and provided some immediate relief with light pressure. Day 3 as a whole I did not eat much however I was peeing alot because I stayed hydrated and that is a life saver!

Throat: white with green (looks like mold)


day 4: kind of a repeat of day 3. Pain was severe and i made sure to stay on top of the medication. I stayed in bed all day but got up to get water and things like that. I will admit it is nice to have somebody there with you for comfort and help. As far as eating I had potatoes again and pudding but thats about it. Very similar to day 3 and like I said throughout the middle of the night the pain is horrible. You will wake up alot whether or not you set your alarm, but I advise you to set it every 2 hours. 

Throat: white and green (looks like mold)


Day 5: Day 5 I started to feel somewhat better. I was still in pain and taking my medication every 4 hours and ibuprofen in between but swallowing was not as wrenching. I was eating the same soft foods and staying hydrated. Icing my neck and heating my ears still. I rested all day again and talked at a minimum but visitors make that hard to do so try to keep your daily visitors to about 1 a day maybe 2. Have I mentioned to STAY HYDRATED. By the way, you will be constipated by day 4 or 5 from the pain medication. I took a stool softener tablet on day 5 around 11am and was ready to go by 2pm but that is because I waited too long to take it. You should really be taking some kind of laxative by day 3. Also be sure to take your antibiotic until it is gone!!! It sucks and its gross but think of it this way. Would you rather suffer through the pain with no infection or get an infection on top of the pain? Thats what I thought. The night was like all the others...it sucked and it hurt A LOT. 

Throat: More white and less green


Day 6: Phew! Even with pain medication I was starting to feel a little better throughout the day. I was up and moving around more and even went up town with my mom to get a few things. Later that day I went to soccer practice (I assistant coach high school varsity soccer) but kept my talking to a minimum as it did hurt. I took my medication right before I left for practice and took 3 ibuprofen 2 hours later. When practice was over I was definitely ready to go home as the pain started to kick in from talking and breathing in fresh air. The night was painful yet again and waking up was awful. I ate more on day 6 including Eggo pancakes drenched in syrup. By day 6 I had noticed I was losing weight in my stomach and I could not eat much at all. This is normal because you go to a liquid soft food diet immediately for a good amount of time and not eating much will cause your stomach to shrink. STAY HYDRATED. Side Note: I did have one little spot in my throat that was stingy with anything but water and soft foods. 

Throat: White


Day 7: Pretty much a repeat of day 6 but you will notice that you will be up and moving more than you were the first 5 days or so. I rested enough though because I had a soccer game that night. I managed to take my medication before I left my house and did not need it again until I got home and that was after dinner at a friends house. I had pasta of course, but even though I was on ibuprofen and still feeling some moderate pain, I went without my medication for 8 hours. I took it when I got home before going to bed. I was still up every 2 hours and the night was painful but I survived. It was tough not being able to yell at the game though. 

Throat: White and a tiny bit of pink like the rest of the mouth


Day 8: Only gets better! I was not really taking my medication throughout the day only at night when the pain got worse. I was out of the house and resting when I was home. I ate rice that day and pasta and I even had a hot dog with not skin cut up in small pieces. I felt tired because it is a long week of pain and sleepless nights, but I stayed hydrated so I think that helped alot with less throat soreness. I began to get nervous by this day because my scabs were not falling off. I had more pink in my throat so maybe they were starting too as I ate but I didnt feel anything in the back of my throat. The night was still a bit painful but a lot more manageable.

Throat: white with more pink


Day 9: Same as day 8 but less ibuprofen and medication. I basically took nothing throughout the day. I was eating pasta and soft foods and started to go to the bathroom on my own without a stool softener. That evening I went to a travel soccer game and I felt good through the whole thing. Later we went to a friends house for dinner and I ate pasta again (getting sick of pasta at this point). I also had a couple sweet potato fries but i chewed them to hell and did not eat the crunchy ends. I started to get real tired and felt some pain trying to sleep. I did not take medication until about 5am on Monday morning.

Throat: white with pink


Day 10: I planned on going back to work as it was Monday again. I went in later than usual and did not have to take ibuprofen or pain medication. I did struggle because I was so tired and that made me yawn and yawning DOES NOT feel good. I drank a lot of water and ate very little. I cut it short that day but at least I was back to a "normal" day. Swallowing still is uncomfortable but not nearly as painful. The scabs had still not fallen off.