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i want to know about the recovery period of brain tumor my father is suffering from this and i am feeling very very bad he started to move his left side but he got ill due to cold weather and now he cant move his one side again please help me
i want to know if he will every recover he was admit in hospital on 30 nov 2010 and now at 30 mach 2011 he still cant move his body
his treatment was fully successful and he was in icu for 3 days and got his laser treatment too last month and doctors say that tumor is fully removed now but he still cant move his body left side


Hi Guest,

I can't give you an answer. Your best resources would be the surgeon or doctor caring for your father. There are many variables to recovery. The location of the tumor, how the surgery was performed, and the size of the tumor. Complications can result.

You really need to sit down with the doctors and ask them these questions.

My best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Please keep us posted.