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My daughter (sadly) 4months old had a choroid plexus papilloma a rare brain tumor that typically found in infants. Julia started having seizures so, we took her to Hopkins, Baltimore. The tumor was benign but, she is three months post opp and still continues to have seizures. Has anyone else experienced this? If so how long did your seizures last?


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It is very sad to hear that your four month old daughter had this problem. This condition is mostly benign but a small percentage is malignant. I think that the surgery is the best possible option for her because radiation therapy is not really appropriate for children because it is very dangerous. The recovery will not be easy so you will have to take good care of her after the surgery. Seizures are often a symptom of the condition. Ask your doctor about every detail regarding the recovery process.  I am not sure how long can the seizures last, it depends on the recovery process. I hope this helped you in any way.


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