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A few days ago, I noticed a many tiny red spots on my glans. I don't know if they are anywhere else on my glans, because my foreskin is attached to my penile head. It does not hurt, but it's itchy sometimes (I don't know if it's the red spots that itches, or not). I'm uncircumcised and the red spots are barely visible, but you can see that the glans is red. And now what my concerns are is that is this common and what do I do to get rid of it?


Oh, and I just noticed that there are not only spots, mostly areas, but I just saw that there are only around the visible area of my glans (as far as I know). I pulled the skin a bit down, and it looked normal there. Could this have happened because of irritation when the penile head is dragged against my underpants?

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