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Ok, I noticed the other day that I was getting these reddish spots somewhat on one side of my scrotum. I took it as a yeast infection because I had one before when I was in the military, but this looks different. Now, there appear to be smaller red spots (dots) that almost look like ingrown hairs or acne on my leg that touches where the initial spots started. Also, the largest of the initial spots has seemed to open. It itches sometimes, and when I scratch it there is a small amount of pain in where the one open spot is. Also, the orginal spots appear to be getting bigger and are starting to look like acne. I can not tell if they are puss filled or not.

I live a very active sex life normally, but I have not had sex in over three weeks.


It could be herpies, I would have a doctor look at it. Herpies can look different somtimes, and other things can look like that too. Like acne, ingrown hairs ect.