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Are you looking for a harmless yet effective way to treat acne? Blue and red light therapy is the latest surgical treatment option for acne that is safe, effective, and comparatively cheap.

Dermatology is a broad field that covers both skin diseases and cosmetic issues. With recent advances, dermatology has flourished to become one of the most researched fields.

Adult acne treatment is one of the most discussed topics in dermatology. Acne is a widely encountered condition and one of the most treated diseases at skin clinics. Many cosmetic concerns are also attached to acne. Even when acne is treated, it can leave pigmentation and scars behind.

The advanced technologies have allowed acne sufferers to choose from various treatment options. Many new acne medications with enhanced efficacy are coming on the market every day. However, surgical options are stealing the limelight because of the benefits attached to them. Surgical options for acne treatment include chemical peeling, laser treatment, light treatment, and microdermabrasion [1].

Surgical options are superior to medical ones because of their other benefits — like treating acne scars, fixing pigmentation issues, and offering skin rejuvenation. Surgical options are performed at dermatology clinics, so they do not require patients to follow strict daily routines to see results. You can also opt for a combination of surgical and medical therapies in order to achieve rapid improvement. [2]

Light therapy is one of the latest surgical options that dermatologists are using for acne treatment. The procedure involves applying blue and red lights to the skin, helping to cure acne. It is turning out to be a very effective and harmless treatment option for adult acne. [3]

What Is Light Therapy?

Light therapy is the latest modality for acne treatment. It involves applying different wavelengths of light — from visible to invisible — to your skin for a fixed time period. These lights help treat acne through different mechanisms.

The light sources used in the process include Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and light emitting diodes (LED). [4]

How Does Light Treatment For Acne Work?

Out of all the lights, red and blue lights offer the most effective acne treatment. The blue light kills bacteria. When the blue light is focused on the skin, it decreases the levels of Propionibacterium acne, the acne causing bacteria, and hence cures acne.

The red light mainly acts on the sebaceous glands. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and also shrinks the size of the pores, leading to decreased sebum production. [4]

How Long Does Light Therapy For Acne Take?

The duration of light therapy depends on the condition of your skin. Your dermatologist decides how frequently you should receive light therapy, and the time duration for therapy also varies. It usually lasts between five minutes and 30 minutes.

Dermatologists generally suggest two sessions per week and a visible improvement is noticed after one month. However, this always varies from person to person. [5]

How Effective Is Light Treatment For Acne?

Red and blue lights have shown visible positive results in adult acne treatment. Red and blue lights provide a very effective treatment option for mild to moderate acne, though results are not as good for severe acne. Even severe acne sufferers can expect a visible improvement in the condition of their skin, however. [6]

Light Therapy: Effect On Acne Scars

Blue and red light therapy not only treat acne but play a significant role in treating acne scars as well. The light exposure enhances collagen production and hence fills pitted scars caused by acne. [7]

Blue and red lights have wound healing properties as well, so they hasten adult acne healing.

Does Light Therapy Cure Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)?

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) is the pigmentation that is experienced after an acne lesion heals. This pigmentation usually lightens with time. However, red and blue light therapy contribute to fading Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Skin Rejuvenation

Red and blue lights therapy improve your skin texture by rejuvenating it.

Red and blue lights actually boost collagen production and cell turnover, leading to increased skin elasticity and a better skin texture. These lights help fight wrinkles as well. [8]

Are Red And Blue Light Therapy Safe?

Red and blue light therapy are completely safe. Not only does light therapy for acne sufferers not have any adverse effects, this acne treatment has many added benefits. Red and blue lights are totally skin friendly. [9]

Side Effects Of Light Therapy

Red and blue light therapy is a safe modality and patients haven’t reported any side effects yet. The only side effect that is experienced sometimes is mild erythema. It subsides after a few hours and doesn’t interfere with treatment. [10]

Advantages Of Light Therapy Over Other Treatments

Red and blue light therapy are superior to other acne treatments in that it doesn’t have any harmful side effects when compared to both oral drugs and other surgical methods, and it is cheaper than other adult acne treatments. 

Red and blue light therapy provide a safe acne treatment alternative to those patients who have poor oral medication compliance due to side effects.

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