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I intend to see a doctor soon, but I am not sure if this is serious enough.

I am 26 and have one child (5). My periods are consistent, five days long every 28 days. I have Multiple Sclerosis(remitting relapsing) diagnosed 03/17/2015 and am overweight (no recent weight gain). My husband and I do not use any contraception.

I had a regular period, then 28 days later I had a very light period. There was no change in flow. For five days I wore just a panty liner and it was only stained slightly pink every day. Now, 33 days later I am late receiving my period.  My lower back is very sore and there is a clicking noise when I stand or stretch.  It constantly aches with no resolve.

Negative home pregnancy test on the 1st and 2nd days of my expected period.

QUESTION: Does this sound like an early menopause?  or Thyroid problem. My body feels aged. I am also curious if this is related to multiple sclerosis.I have felt fatigued, but again MS.

My mother does have fibroids, hereditary? Her periods are heavy however...

Thank you for reading.


Fibroids aka Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :) i'm appauled at how doctors refuse to tell women about it, they fobbed my grandma off too and never told my auntie what it is even after a huge fibroid grew and it burst causing her to be in pain and rushed to the hospital, they saw multiple ones all over one or both of her ovarys and they just removed her ovarys (even when it's in no way a good solution or a cure), my grandma formed a thick uterus lining that caused clumps of it to start coming out and then she started pouring blood every where, and before that they put her on hormone replacement (which they should of never done), they eventually cleaning out the lining but she's still been having problems, this condition doesn't let up even passed menopause since there is apparently no cure for it yet, PCOS is also a very misleading name and makes everyone think everyone women with it gets fibroids but they don't, some women go their whole life without any, and so far my mum has never had any despite some symptoms of PCOS through out her life but MUCH more minor compared to mine, grandmas or my aunties, but she did start high blood pressure after she had my big bro (her first child), and she's had acne since around 35 years old and my grandma also started with acne too, both symptoms of PCOS. This is very much a hereditary condition as medical researchers have found and is passed from mother to daughter in female monkeys as well, and  they think it's to do with the  pituitary gland, they found certain reproductive genes are different in women with PCOS connected to the pituitary gland and they noticed in female monkeys that the pituitary gland stops functioning the second a female is introduced to their period, however it's worth getting a scan on the pituitary gland incase of any weird growths on it (which can happen), and also worth gettig your thyroid checked  too, but the pituitary gland is meant to help regulate the thyroid, digestive system, livers, hormones and ovarys, so even if you have something wrong with your thyroid, it's just a symptoms of an underlining condition of the pituitary gland , but so far all they do is offer the pill or tell you to lose weight... PCOS also efects your periods causing irregular to zero periods, depresion, anxiety, excessive hair growth and other things, i went from irregular to zero periods.