I posted something earlier regarding parathyroid implant and received no feedback. That's fine, I'm not getting much feedback from the medical community either. Nevertheless I'll ask the question slightly different: has anyone had parathyroid surgery that failed, i.e. your calcium and phosphorus levels remained the same? What did your Endocrinology suggest for your next course of action?

Has anyone had all four parathyroids removed? Are you on Actonel or Fosamax for the rest of your life?

I'm just curious. I've had one failed surgery, a genetic test with negative results and now I'm thinking about surgery where they biopsy each of the three remaining parathyroids and if one is still good they'll implant it in my arm (I assume). I'm not aware of what the success rate is for this procedure; nor do I know what the repercussion are if all the remaining parathyroids are also non-functioning.

My immediate sense of urgency isn't about getting back to normal calcium levels again, but rather it's about being employed and having medical insurance next year. I'm not really in the wait and see mode anymore.

Any information would be appreciated.