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I am writing this late November 2009. I am a 45 year old male. In June 2009 my doctor tested my calcium level and it was 10.7. Anything over 10.5 was considered high. He next checked my PTH and it was 127. This confirmed a diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism.

I had a Sestamibi exam in early July and it revealed one hot spot in my neck. I had one Parathyroid removed in mid-July 2009. A week before surgery my PTH was 161. I had a very good surgeon and my scar was only about an inch and a half long. I was released to family after a couple of hours. I slept that afternoon, had soup for an early dinner, ate solid food around 7 pm and went to a movie at 9 pm. I wished I had not gone to the movie, but back to bed. My throat hurt for about a week.

After surgery I was told to take 3 - 500 mg of Calcium and 200 IU of Vitamin D (all in one Oscal pill). A few days after surgery I felt very emotional on some days. This occurred for about two months and it seemed to be related to missed doses of my Calcium. I would just try to remember that it was related to my surgery and would wait a day to feel better. I probably had about 10 days within the two months where I was very despondent. My lower intestines also felt very cramped. I would have loose stools and need to go often. I also slept a lot.

My PTH in September 2009 was 86, 66 is max normal. This was slightly high, but my calcium was dead on normal at 9.4 so I'm hoping my PTH level will keep going down. I plan on getting another PTH level in December. I am continuing to take Oscal, but more around 2 tablets a day. I am feeling much better. My bones and joints don't seem to hurt as much, my energy is better, but not where it should be (though this could just be age) and my mood is steady and good. I sleep like a baby, deeper than I can ever remember. I wake up feeling like I was in a long coma. I feel more rested throughout the day now.

I have some long term effects of having Hyperparathyroidism which I think I had for maybe 15 years, but no one really knows. I tried to see my past calcium levels, but I think my general practitioner was afraid I'd sue or something and still hasn't released all my records to me. I'm not the type to sue anyone, though, I also had hypothyroidism and took thyroid for years and I can’t believe my endocrinologist didn’t check my other endocrine levels and found my hyperthyroidism years ago.

I believe my arteries are somewhat damaged from the extra calcium, I have some buildup of plaque; 40 % in some areas. My blood pressure is borderline high around 150/80. I am now taking an ACE inhibitor for it. My triglycerides are high at 240 so I am now on a statin. Because of the higher risk of heart disease because of my current symptoms and having hyperparathyroidism for so long, I am taking a baby aspirin every day.

I am weaning myself off an antidepressant hoping I don't need it anymore now that my calcium is normal, but I will ramp back up if my depression returns (its pretty much totally gone as of October 2009). My stools are returning to normal, but I still have some cramping. If it continues, I plan on investigating it further.

I understand it will take about 4 years for my bones to return to normal density, so I am continuing to take calcium and vitamin D. I'm not sure how much to take as I get further from my surgery. I am considering dropping my calcium to 1 tablet a day (500 mg).

I hope to keep this thread updated and will let you know how I am progressing as time goes by. I have two basic questions right now.

I see others are taking Magnesium after Parathyroidectomy. What is the thinking behind this and how much should I take? Also, does anyone know how much calcium one should take after Parathyroidectomy and for how long? Titration?


HI JimM, I'm glad you had successful surgery. I never had high calcium but my PTH did go back up after surgery. Four weeks after, it was 64 and at three months it had gone up to 88. My surgeon said it would take several tests over time to know what was going on but it was possible that the calcium was just going back into the bones fast and the parathyroids were working extra hard at that point. Whatever the reason, at six months PTH was 61 and at 9 months post surgery it was 44, the lowest it's ever been. I'm told that PTH is constantly adjusting so it takes more than one test to get a picture.

After surgery I was directed to take 2000 mg of calcium 2x/day and I was prescribed Calcitonin for 30 days. When tests were normal after four weeks, I was told to cut the calcium down to 1000 mg 2x/day. I was already taking 50,000 units of Vit D every other week and continue to do that in addition to the Vit D that is in the Calcium pills. My surgeon said it was better to get the magnesium from food than to take supplements so I guess he doesn't think a large amount is necessary.

You should be able to ask your supplementation questions of your surgeon or endocrinologist if you have one. That would be better than guessing on amounts. Don't be afraid to ask questions. It sounds like your surgery is really making a difference. Best wishes - mass-


I am not thrilled to hear of the negative effects some of you are having, and may not read much more so I am not swayed by the suggestions.  However, I am interested to see the comments about sleep-i too sleep deeper than i ever remember post sugery, and am groggy when i am woken-something I have long been jealous of when i watch others rise.  Anyone else experiencing this or other positive feedback?  I was seemingly asymptomatic when my calcium levels went wonky in my bloodtests-maybe just wasnt aware.



I realize you wrote this several years ago, but your experience sounds much like mine and am curious how you are doing now. I had parathyroidetcomy on 6-29-12, Calicum was in upper 10s, PTH was 120, reduced to 36 during surgery but now back to 86. Continue have tingling in hands and feet, not sleep very well, tired alot. At the direction of my MD I stopped taking calcium a couple of months ago, but because I still am experiencing symptons of hypocalcemia started taking 1 600 mg tablet, twice a day a few days ago and think I am feeling better. Like yours my calcium was higher for years. I am frustrated I don't feel better and am wondering if I have this is what Ihave to look forward from now on. You are 3 years out, how do you feel now?