I was a long distance backpacker, runner and climber until I came home from a backpacking Eastern Europe trip with two bilateral heel fractures. To make a long story short, the diagnosis was parathyroidism and osteoporosis (score of -2.1). I had parathyroid surgery three years ago. I had one parathyroid, half my thyroid and a portion of my thymus removed (the last two I hadn't bargain for) and the surgery was a failure.

Recently I had a multiple endocrine neoplasia test and my condition does not appear to be due to genetics.

The next thing is a complete parathyroidectomy and a possible parathyroid implant.

I would be interested in any comments from someone who has either gone through this or knows of someone who has. I'm curious as to whether you're able to retain calcium and possibly progressed from osteoporosis to osteopenia. I've heard that many people experience a lot side effects, such as lack of sleep, pain and depression with parathyroidism . Unfortunately I think I've always experienced sleepless, pain and depression and I'm not sure I can attribute it to parathyroidism. I would be interested if people do feel better or different once they have a working parathyroid again.

By the way I still backpack, but sadly I don't do the solo long treks anymore.

Thanks for your time!