For those still feeling bad after parathyroid surgery, did the surgeon check all four of your parathyroids??  Many times there are more than one. They have to check all four. This is the reason you see so much success with Dr. Norman’s patients. They check all 4 glands. They do 15 of these surgeries a DAY. They know what they are doing!  I traveled across country for surgery with them. I wanted to be cured and never have problems again. I am 11 days post op. All body pains are gone. Last night I slept all night and have not done that in years I can tell my hormones are still adjusting (sometime fell a little “weird” and sometimes weep out of the blue) but I am taking my citracel with D as instructed (5 per day week one, 4 per day week 2, and will taper off each week). I have had some headaches but they are getting better each day. Yesterday no headache. My other three good glands have been “asleep” for years and I realize it will take a little time for everything to start working normally. I am over the top happy my pains are gone and my energy is coming back more and more each day. Good luck to all. Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa is the best!