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I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome about 9 months ago and I thought it won’t come back I’m not sure now but I think my carpal tunnel is reoccurring. In latest ten days I’ve started to feel exact the same symptoms this sharp pain through all my arms and my wrist is swelled and I feel this tingling. I work in store-house and am packing the products and this pain enables me to work. The first time I had CTS I was taking some medicine in fact some anti inflammatory drugs that really helped me. My swelling is gone and pain also and I started to work pretty soon. Now I’d like to know what I can do to avoid reoccurring of carpal tunnel. Thanks


First of all don’t take drugs on your own for doing that you might make things only worse. Do the same think I did and never had a problem with carpal tunnel reoccurrence? I had surgery that relieved my median nerve that passes through carpal tunnel.
I’ve heard that these non-surgical treatments such as using the medicines for relieving the pain caused by CTS are only of temporary effects. And one more thing this job that you do I think it has something to do with your carpal tunnel syndrome for you constantly have this repetitive movements that causes your wrist to get easily hurt more frequently and it is the wrist across whom the medium nerve is passing. So by doing these your job you have better chances to have your median nerve presses or squeezed and the result is CTS that needs to be operated in most of the cases. I had CTS surgery and after that I passed through exercise therapy that the patient is usually recommended of before discharging the hospital. But also now 2 years after the surgery I do some exercise that help me to reduce the risk of carpal tunnel reoccurrence. These exercises includes extending and stretching both wrists and fingers and relaxing them, making tight fist and than again relaxing fingers. This helps a lot try to do that in your job breaks and whenever you can.


Your reply help me a lot please reply me as early as possible.

Please provide me details of carpal tunnel surgery for below things:

1.what is the expensive of surgery.

2.As I am a working software engineer how many days should i take a leave to recover.

3.And Which is the best hospital for surgery.and surgeon name.