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I am 23 years old and my boyfriend is 25. I got pregnant and now we don’t know what to do, it’s early for us to have a baby, because we live with parents still. Anyway, I was thinking about abortion, but he doesn’t want to hear about that. He warns me all the time about abortion side effects, telling me he is worried for me. I need help to decide and I want to hear more about those side effects.


Many people don't realize that abortion is actually very dangerous procedure. While techniques are improving, there is still a high probability of negative physical side-effects. Also there are almost certain negative psychological side-effects. Abortion is an unnatural process that interrupts one of the primary functions of women’s body. A woman's body naturally resists the abortion, which causes physical and emotional problems. One of the most disturbing things about this is that many women aren't informed about these side-effects. 87% hospitalized women were ones with complications with legal abortion, and 91% had treated patients with complications from legal abortions. There are several doctors who reported patients dying from legally induced abortions. Either abortion is induced or spontaneous it independently and significantly increased the risk of subsequent development of the secondary infertility. There are really a lot of side effects, and if you will keep your baby or decide to this step depends on you.


You say there's many risks and side effects to this procedure, yet you do not list any or give any helpful links. This topic is very serious, and touchy depending on personal beliefs. If your going to answer the question answer it fully.


Hello 100505!

You seem to be aware of some bad sides of abortion, so I was thinking you could share your experience with me! The thing is that I am 26 and got pregnant with my boyfriend. We are in love and we just started living together. At first I thought I wanted a baby but then I realized how demanding it is living on your own especially because I am still a student and I work, so I have a lot of obligations. A baby is the last thing that I need right now, and I feel really tired.

Then I think of an abortion. I am against it because of my age and possible technical complications from the procedure. Also, I go down when I think of an abortion as an act, so I am really confused. I don’t want to suffer from depression in case I do it or experience mood swings because I’ve been there and honestly don’t want to go through it again.

Do you have an advice or at least an experience you could share with me? Thanx


THANK you so much for your post! Abortion is a safe and effective procedure.

They use the same technique with a miscarriage that they do with an aboriton, yet noone pushes all the negative BS down their throats..




Dear "Guest" who is extremely WRONG on this issue! First, there doesnt need to be any documentation from women that have emotional or psychological side effects because just talking to every single person that has an abortion says that they have regretted it and they NEVER got over it!! You talk about having a source for this and say that there is no documentation?! You dont need documentation when you talk about how a woman FEELS after. I ask you to talk to every single person that has had an abortion and see if it has caused them emotional side effects. You say that Lori should be ashamed, you should be ashamed as well when you down play other women's feelings on their abortions. If you had one then you can certainly understand that the emotional side effects are extremely painful. I dont know what journal of medicine can document that. Abortion is a personal decision, and I wouldn't sway any woman either way. I am not against abortion at all and have been contemplating it and doing research myself and I certainly can't say that there are no side effects and that everything is hunky dory afterwards! What about the increased risk of Breast Cancer? The risk of breast cancer almost doubles after one abortion.-British Journal of Cancer. Ectopic pregnancy,still birth, placenta previa, handicapped newborns and miscarriage in later pregnancies-American Journal of OB&GYN and Canadian Medical Association Journal. These are just a few future issues I would say that these are pretty good sources that have reported what you have said is completely untrue? Interesting...To say that they are not dangerous or do not have any sideeffects is a bunch of bull! YOU should be ashamed of yourself for glamourizing your two abortions. If you are so concerned about giving correct information, then give all of the information, BOTH sides so someone can make an effective choice. I can assure you that only you can make the choice to have an abortion, but to say that there is no negativity or side effects to it is completely untrue. Do people have abortions every day? Absolutely! Some may experience no problems at all and to some it may be an easy thing to get over, and to others they may have problems in the future. I still haven't made up my decision, but I can assure you that I am finding out all the facts, not just what one person thinks is the truth....



Ectopic pregnancy,still birth, placenta previa, handicapped newborns and miscarriage in later pregnancies-American Journal of OB&GYN and Canadian Medical Association Journal.

1. Ectopic pregnancy. The risk of ectopic pregnancy after an abortion is increased only if there was a major infection which resulted in scarring of the fallopian tubes. Infection occurs in less than 2% of women after abortion, and is almost always treated before complications occur.

2. Still birth. I can find no logic in this as there are no increased risks of still birth after a D&C after a miscarriage and it is the same process.

3. Placenta previa. There is a study from 1981 that suggests that abortions increase the risk of this condition, but more recent studies have shown no clear correlation between the two.

4. Handicapped newborns. Please explain this to me as there is no way that a previous abortion can cause a chromosomal disorder in a subsequent fertilisation, and there is no evidence that I can find of increases in incidence of in utero abnormalities or birth defects

5. Miscarriage in later pregnancies. There is a slightly increased chance that a woman may suffer from incompetent cervix in subsequent pregnancies, but the percentage is very low.

Because abortion is such a debated topic, it is very hard to find unbiased information. It is best to search for D&C after miscarriage as you are more likely to find the medical facts only without moral skew.



AFTER A MISCARRIAGE they DO THE SAME THING AS AN ABORTION!! THey suction out the pieces....

YET, after a miscarriage they do not SCARE women with all these side effects.


I did use birth control, I AM A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL!!

I TEACH birth control my dear!!

I became pregnant on an IUD.

I use an IUD NOW.


You should not make assumptions, I could say YOU should use birth control, but perhaps you DID and it failed.


you are a disgrace.
You call yourself a healthcare professional. I dont think so. you say you are educated. You appear not to be. you give family planning advice to women. Yet you have had 3 abortions and seem to be proud of it. Perhaps you are not the right person to be giving this type of advice as you have not heeded your own advice. Nobody can condemn a woman for having an abortion under certain circumstances but to use abortion as a form of contraceptive is immoral. Do you actually sleep at night. If you are so accident prone why not just get sterilised instead of creating and ending the life of another foetus.

From a woman who accepts the need for abortion but not the need for abortion on demand.


I got pregnant ON BIRTH control, including AN IUD, which is as effective as tubal ligation.

I take medications for a CHRONIC Illness, back 6 YEARS AGO they did not tell me that this same medication INTERACTS with birth control.. HENCE THE FAILURE...

Which is why I got an IUD, so I could continue with my meds.. I became pregnant on an IUD, which was a fluke.

I have another IUD and have NOT BEEN PREGNANT IN YEARS.

YES I am a healthcare professional, one that is non judgemental, and I work in an aboriton clinic and a family planning environment.


i was 16 years old and 4 weeks pregnant not that i beleive that age has anything to do with it i'm now 28 years old and so lucky to have 2 kids.

1. hormonally I never got back to normal until i was 20 years old and my period cycle became out of wack for years
2. lost interest in socialising
3. I regret the fact that i chose to.
4 partnered at the time then separated because he was against the decision.and looking back i should have beleived in him.


Just reading these postings on abortion. I find it interesting that the woman who had two abortions, and claims she is "more than a body", gets upset when someone uses thier mind to understand that there is a huge difference between miscarriage, and abortion. One is a choice, the other is caused by nature, as in the difference between murder, and natural death. Of course, courts, and most ethical people see the difference, if they use thier mind, and are not self centered. In fact, there can most definitely be psychological effects of abortion, for the mother. I find it interesting as well that for some reason, to be able to have control over one's body is seen as "liberation". From what? Life?
The control comes, before having sex, not after one is pregnant. It comes again, from the mind, which the woman who claims to be more than a body, claims to possess more of than the average non-abortion supporter. If you are more than a body, than do not have sex unless you want to get pregnant with than person. That is liberation perhaps. Women's rights have nothing to do, with abortion. Remember, we are truly more than a body.


:'( dear carifairy,
how can you have had 3 abortion with no regrets???????
didn't you reallize that you were killing a child??
three little babies that now have absolutely no chance of living all because of some self-centered and selfish thoughts of an uneducated mother??
i don't understand how anyone can think abortion has no side effects. all who believe that statement are being lied to.
...and lopresti, i agree with you all the way. women's bodies DO resist abortions. why would it be natural for a women's body to have her child cut up and sucked right out of her body??? this is what women are not being told. they are being lied to straight to their face...