What is best thing for RLS and/or those most painful inner thigh leg cramps?

I'm a 60 yr old lady who has had sorta a restless leg symdrome for several years in right thigh. My doctor suggested the presicription drug for RLS, but rather I try an herbal mixture call RELORA. Relora really works after a while to keep the occurances to a minimum; however, I just had a total right hip replacement surgery on 7/25/08 and on some strong pain pills like Tylox. BUT, all the strong pain meds really made the inner right thigh cramps more painful and more often in both lying down position and sitting up position. Finally a shot of Toradol was the only thing that kept the cramps away; but Dr said 5 days is maximum for taking Toradol as it is a deep pain med for right after major surgery and can be damaging to kidneys, etc if used longer term.

So, now I am at home now for 3 days after 3 days in hospital, I have come to deduct that it was the strong pain killers that were causing the cramps to be worst than ever. These cramps come on instantly like the sharp pain of birthing a baby and are gone in about 15 seconds. Ice packs on the inner thigh seems to prevent the frequency of the cramps, but can't go around all day and night with ice pack on thigh. Finally today I decided that the pain from the cramps are so much more painful than the pain from the surgery site of cutting my hip into and putting in a new ball joint, etc; so, I have went totally OFF of the high power pain meds and now strictly Tylenol. I have discovered that the inner thigh cramps are almost gone now, or when they do happen they are not so painful. So, I am now just on Tylenol and Relora for the thigh cramps and Tylenol and ice packs on surgery site for the mininum pain from that site; and now I am able to manage walking longer distances too with the walker too and doing my PT exercises more often, too.