Hi All,

I'm a 23 year old male with a variety of digestive problems. 

I haven't been diagnosed with anything in particular, but I'm visiting the doctors this Friday with a 'pile' of information as my ammunition. So what's been happening?

It started around March time. 

Literally, 1 night after eating 2 eggs on toast, I started to feel extremely gassy and have had very soft stools. 

4 months down the line I'm still experiencing these problems but slightly worst. I now have hot flushes in addition. Mucous in my stool varies from little/normal to a-lot after a "flare up". Here's a list of what I'm currently suffering from;

- No matter what I eat, my stools are always soft, light brown and normally have undigested food in them.

- I am very gassy after eating something, specifically alot of belching which causes abdominal pain. It feels like when I belch the gas escapes from my left lung? (Very strange). 

- I suffer with a constant dull-ache (after eating) in random parts of my lower abdomen. 

- I sometimes suffer with sudden stabbing pains again, varying from left and right hand sides, lower and upper. 

- I tend to feel a lot more gassy when I have eaten Onions / Re-heated wholemeal pasta / Garlic / Apples

- There is generally undigested food stuffs within my stool, varying from onion, apple, mango, peas, sweetcorn (expected). 

I'm starting to get really tiresome of this. It's embarrassing to have to leave the table literally 10 minutes after a meal because it feels that I have to go toilet.

Generally, visiting the toilet provides some relief, until the gas again builds up.

My suspicion is SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) because it really does feel like it's the gas that's giving me the problems. I'd also highly reckon it's IBS which is a shame. But at the moment, it's been practically ALL food which has caused me the above symptoms. Also, its darn odd for this all to happen after eating eggs....

Can anyone please shed some light on the symptoms I'm experiencing? I'm slightly overweight, well-built but am generally active (30 mins of exercise bike) each day and have a slightly stressful job (like most of us). 

Thanks again all