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Find out what you should be munching on after your workouts to get the best results and a great recovery.
When we workout, a complex system is at work producing energy and heat, fulfilling what we demand of the body. Once a workout is complete, the body then begins to return to its state at rest. Changing energy systems and recuperating from what it went through during the workout is what leads to the healthy mental and physical gains we experience from the workout. What many may not realize is that a lot of the work that the body does as a result of working out is actually happening shortly after the workout.
Often, but not always, you pay for what you get. Protein shakes can be made out of any number of protein sources: whey isolate (dairy), soy, rice, pea, and more. Each of these has a different biological value, which is a rating of how usable the protein actually is when it enters the body. If a serving contains 30grams of protein, but it has a low biological value, the body may only be able to digest and use up 5 grams to heal tired muscle fibers. Always be on the lookout for high-grade, usable proteins, both in Ready-to-Drink and powder formulas.

Protein Bar

There are hundreds of varieties out there, and these can be bought in bulk and easily stored. For convenience, these are favorites for a lot of people. You'll have to be diligent when it comes to protein bars; its not just the grams of protein to look for on the package. Find out what kinds of protein it contains- you'll want something that is highly usable, like a whey complex- which usually means it will be a little pricy.

On the down side, solid foods are a little slower for the body to uptake, so you can't waste any time chowing down on this bar, and having 2-3 glasses of water with it to help break it all down in time.

Meat and potatoes

Yes, you read it right, nothing is better than another animals muscles for protein and a whole vegetable that was grown in the earth for carbs. Not to mention, you'll be getting all kinds of natural extras, like iron, fiber, starch, essential fats, and others. Nothing beats real food when it comes to feeling good and looking great. Eating the muscle of another animal to help our bodies build stronger muscles, and  connective tissue just makes sense.
On the down side is the convenience factor. If you feel like you have no time as it is, this can be a tough one to manage. If you can manage to eat a healthy whole within 45-60 minutes of working out, then its fantastic. Many people find it simpler to go with a manufactured solution for convenience sake.

Eggs: a Simple Favorite

My favorite is the egg. A small, simple, cheap, healthy food item which ironically contains the most usable form of protein for the human body. If you have two scrambled extra large eggs, you're looking at about 14 grams of protein, around 2.5 g carbs, and 12 g of fat, for a total of about 210 calories. Boiling the eggs is also an option which will yield a lot of healthy stuff. Slow cooking is always a better option to conserve proteins and other nutrients, so stay away from frying the eggs.