Recent research found that adding scented oil to bath may help people’s mood but it won’t do much for their health. Experts tested two most popular aromatherapy scents: lavender and lemon and found that the placebo effect can have strong impact on a person’s health but it can not actually improve human health in some measurable way. During the research experiments found that in some cases distilled water had more effect than lavender.

Experts taped cotton balls laced with essential oils and distilled water to the nostrils of 50 volunteers and conducted series of tests over the three day sessions to see if the smells could help manage pain responses, improve healing, have impact on people’s mood or have impact on stress levels. Results showed that neither the lemon nor lavender oil showed any positive effect on the immune system or on the body’s ability to mitigate pain or stress. However, lemon oil showed a clear mood enhancement.

Researchers said that it’s ok to use these oils but there’s is no way to prove that it can improve person’s health. However, there are some indications that these oils provide psychological effect for people in general.