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You know the feeling when you walk into a room and you are overcome with a wave of extraordinary aroma? Why not treat your skin to the same kind of enlivening experience using Essential Oils?

What are essential oils?

Organic Essential Oils are extracted from a multitude of plants, seeds, roots, herbs, flowers, etc. The pure goodness of these natural things are pulled out to be used as Nature’s Medicine. The molecule of an essential oil is so small that it can penetrate the skin barrier and reach the blood to help heal the body. Man made products cannot compete with this healing power- it works from the inside out.

The Organic Factor

Certified Organ Essential Oils are expensive. But, if you compare the price of a product that is completely Organic and Pure vs. a product filled with chemicals: essential oils are priceless. Unless the oil is a certified organic product, you will be sadly disappointed. 100% pure oils are expensive because it takes a lot of a product to make them. For example, it takes an entire field of Lavender to make 1 ounce of the essential oil of Lavender.  Oh, the things that you can do with 1 oz of Lavender Essential Oil!

Lavender Essential Oil

One of the very first Essential Oils that people buy when they jump on the Holistic train is Lavender. It has a very relaxing and soft fragrance that can be used for many things:

  • It is very good for sensitive skin and very soothing to the skin: good for irritated skin
  • It can be mixed with almost any skin care products.
  • You can use it in the bathtub when you feel like having a long relaxing soak.
  • Add about 5 drops into your tea for your own soothing lavender tea.
  • Can be used as a relief of bug bites
  • Apply to the temple and neck for headache relief

Lavender is just the beginning of a wonderful scented journey that everyone should try to experience. Besides lavender, there are a collection of Certified Organic Essential Oils that most people purchase first:

  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Tea Tree
  • Rose
Keep in mind that Certified Essential Oils are not diluted. They are a little bottle packed full of Nature’s goodness. Unless you are familiar with essential oils, always mix them with Carrier oil: essential oils are not intended to be used alone.

A good Carrier Oil needs to be an Organic and Certified product. Almond Oil is really nice and light oil that mixes well with almost every essential oil. Almond Oil is rich in the Omega vitamins; very powerful antioxidants- they contain a great deal of healing power by themselves.

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