So I've been with my fiance a year next month. We got engaged at 4 monthe which yes I know is fast. However wr hit it off so fast and we're so very happy, but he is bipolar and while i wsd awarr of this its not until recently that the signs started showing . So the last 2 months we have been kind of fighting a lot and he's had a lot of stress with his business. In my eyes our fights are stupid normal thin go that many coulee will go through aND mainly me trying to get him back to loving and stop doiby stupid things. Recentry he has been going to his parents for escape and in the last couple days has become completely manic. He tells his father it's all my fAult for fighting and that he's gonna leace me because he can't possibly get better with me. He told his sisters fiance today on the phone that it's my fault because I haven't studied hard enough or tried hard enough to pass my.boards for my RN and that'd why he simply has to leace me and he isn't happy anymore. I'm really scared and don't want to leave him does he mean all of these things he's saying? Or is it just the manic episode and he will go back to loving me and wanting me when he gets some help and gets healthier?