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I had Harrington Rods put in in 2003 for Scoliosis due to Spinal MuscularAtrophy when I was 9. I was diagnosed at 18 months and have never been able to walk or crawl. I am 18 now. Over the years I've had pain in my left hipxp because I tend to lean to the left and my head falls to the right. When I was 7 I had hip reconstruction on the left hip. I had just pain in my hip do to leaning on it and the pressure that caused. Now I'm having shooting pain starting in my hip and going down. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed it as Sciatica. He gave me Neurontin (Gabapentin) and told me to take 300 mg twice a day. It's been making me sleepy. I have a few questions:

Is it normal for Sciatic pain to start years after spine surgery?

Will the pain go away it's own?

  • [I sit in my wheelchair all day]

What else can I do to alleviate the pain?

  • [I can only take half of the morning dose without sleeping all day]eh


Thanks for any help you can give! :-)


I'm not a medical professional by any means - but I happen to have seen some good work done by Union Yoga in New York - they specialize in back care for scoliosis and have classes for people with Harrington rods.
I wonder if you could find out any info from them and maybe work with your care givers or therapists to try to strengthen or stretch weak or tight muscles that could help relieve the nerve pain. Could be trapped in tight muscles or the muscles may need to be tightened to support a weak area.
Anyways ... best of luck!!