Recent study found that NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) can protect heart cells from damaging after heart attack. NGF is a protein which has ability to act on nerve cells in the body, but it was discovered that it has an effect on heart muscle cells too.

Heart attack is a process that happens when the coronary arteries which carry blood rich with oxygen are blocked. When blood supply is blocked part of the heart muscle dies and this can cause heart failure. Drugs that could help in preventing this damage are aspirin which has ability of thinning the blood so the blood flow can be improved and thrombolytics which are a kind of drug that help in dissolving clots in the artery.

Scientists found on rat experiment that if they inject the NGF protein into the heart it can stop heart cells from dying after heart attack. This is the first findings on this subject and it opens new possibility of helping to repair damaged heart by using natural protein.