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I am a 22 year old female, active, smoker, light drinker. Two months ago I came inside from mowing the yard and found it hard to breath and twist my body. Three days later I ended up in the ER intears unable to breath or move at all. The dr on call did an EKG, an Xray, a CAT and an ultrasound and found nothing that would cause my pain. I was given Darvocet and released. Two days later the pain was gone. Here it is, again, the pain is back. It is a searing white hot pain that feels like a midget with a white hot tiki tourch is playing the drums on my right rib cage. I woke up with the pain and was in tear, literally, unabble to move or breath. I made it to the ER again, and again they did tests and found nothing. I have a cyst on my right ovary the size of a golf ball, and another on my liver 2 cm in diameter. I don't know if that is relevant but it might be. Also I noticed that both times happened at the end of my menstral cycle. Again I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but it might. I have tried to breath deep to loosen the pain and see if there is a 'snap' but all I end up doing is making it worse. At times if I lean over and sit sttill the pain will dull, but if I take a full breath or move around or even talk to long the pain flares up again. I can't lay on either side or my back or my front, and it hurts to lean back against something. Massaging it does nothing because the skin feels bruised. Hot rags don't hae an effect either, or cold ones. I thought maybe it was a pulled musscle or gas, but I have even lowered my head and raised my rump to leaviate the "gas" and nothing happens. It has been three days now and my shoulder is getting sore and my appitite is failing because diggesting food hurts. I suffer from migranes already and they are becoming more frequent. This is a lot of information, I know, but I figure the more someone knows about this, the better chance I have of someone telling me what the heck is going on, or at least tell me what it isn't. Please, I'm begging, if anyone can help me let me know.


Had the exact same feeling just now. I (my sister's and my mother) have all experienced symptoms of PCS, and so usually when a sharp pain occurs near my chest. I grab it, try to relax and wait for it to pass. But this time, I was lying on my bed, massaging the area like I usually do waiting it to pass, but nothing. Around two minutes of massaging later, I try to roll to my right to get out of bed. It HURTS. I jolted back to my original position lying on my back and lay there in shock. I hadn't felt that kind of pain before from just moving. I held my breath and tried again since breathing heavily hurt as well. Still hurt. Slightly scared but trying to remain cool I told myself I had to get up and maybe circulation would help it. I slowly but steadily sit up, barreling through the pain that I now seem to feel in the back as well. I walk to the bathroom getting ready to tell my mom I think I may need to go to the ER, and as I sit on the toilet I stretch my back out as if I'm yawning and also twist to the right while breathing in. I felt a release, like a knot under my right breast in the tissue had straightened itself out.

I think that this may have just been a more severe episode of PCS. One that I hadn't experienced before. But, I think, If it ever happened again I would try to relax, try to find a steady but calm breathing pace, and slowly sit up and stretch out my chest while breathing.

I'm also a female, 25 years old, non-smoker, lightly active however overweight. No known serious health problems I know of.

For more info on PCS if you're not aware of it: ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed