My Symptoms:
Ear fullness feeling..especially the left ear.
Headache (having this 24-7)
Nausea (having this almost 24-7)
Discomfort swallowing (no pain really just takes effect to swallow)
Loss of appetite
Dizziness (almost 24-7)
Upper neck makes a crunchy noise when I move left or right
High blood pressure

I have been back and forth to the emergency room and regular Dr. as well as 2 ENT doctors and a neurologist (for over the past 3 weeks).

First doctor said it was an ear infection but nothing she could do for me (so refered me to an physiotherapist), 2nd doctor (at ER) said it could be an ear infection and put me on antibiotics...after a few days I wasn't feeling any better and the side effects from the antibioctics were awfull!!! So I went back to the ER (was a weekend so my reg. Dr. wasn't open)..the ER doctor said i had no ear infection and even if I did have an ear infection, the antibioctics I was given..wouldn't help an ear infection!! o.O
Went to a physiotherapist who didn't really wanna touch me until I had a MRI because he said "there is something wrong with you..that's for sure and tell your doctor to get you into an MRI not a CT scan"
Went to an ENT Dr. who couldn't find anything and said I should go to a Neurologist for further exams. So I had to go back to my regular Dr. but before I could the pain and dizziness etc. was so bad I had to go back to the ER yet again...this time the Dr. sent me to the Hosp. ENT dept. (why I have no idea) as I told him I was at one recently and they transfered me to the Neurology dept. I didn't eat all day or night because I didn't know what tests were going ot be done. They sent me for a CT scan (didn't want to give me an MRI)...and after spending 12 hrs at the hosp...the result from the Dr. was: "It will go away in a few days as the CT scan didn't show anything". She didn't seem to give a toss about me because didn't offer me any sollution or help..just that she "thinks" it will go away.
My final words I spent all day and night here (starving myself)...for you to tell me it will go away in a few days? Thank you (and then I walked out).
This was 3 days ago and still no change. I have lost hope and feel no one wants to see what really is causing this. My normal everyday life is on hold because I can barely function.

I just have to add that over the past years I have had chronic Anemia off and on and also, I noticed that my blood pressure was fairly high when the ER/hosp. was taking my blood pressure...they said it was "normal but 138/90 and 140/87 isn't exactly normal to me and from the research I have done. I'm wondering if all this is trouble is infact high blood pressure?!?!?
I read something online thata huge percentage of Hospitals FAIL to notice high blood pressure in patients and let them go home without even a mention.
I thank goodness for the internet because you can find so much information these days because sometimes YOU have to tell the doctors what to look for...sad isn't it?