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Many people worldwide suffer from pimples and acne. They often spend a lot of money on anti-acne products and try different kinds of adult acne treatment just to get rid of the acne somehow. But, this whole effort is not always successful. 

Every girl wants a soft, clear and glow skin which will make her look perfect. This is not so easy to achieve, and when your efforts to treat acne turn out to be flawless, you may turn to extreme measures.

First of all it is very important to know what type of skin you have. There are normal, dry, oily, combined and sensitive skin types. Knowing the type of your skin will help you choose the right products and treatments for your skin. If a product is good for you, it doesn't mean that it will be good for someone else.

What Is Acne?

Acne usually appears among teenagers in the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. Acne is caused by hair follicles that become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Depending on its severity, acne can cause scarring, but also emotional damage. Depending on the severity of the condition, there are:

  • Blackheads - open plugged pores filled with oil, which gets brown when exposed to air.
  • Whiteheads - closed plugged pores.
  • Papules - red, tender and small bumps.
  • Pimples - red, tender, small bumps with pus at their tips.
  • Nodules - large, painful and solid lumps beneath the skin surface.
  • Cystic lesions - large, painful, solid lumps filled with pus beneath the skin surface.

The main factors that cause acne are bacteria, dead skin cells, clogged pores and oil production.

Hormonal changes, stress, some medications, and a poor diet can make acne worse.

There are different kinds of treatments for acne. If home medication hasn't helped you and your acne is getting worse, a visit to a dermatologist is the best choice. Together with your dermatologist you can choose the best medication and treatment for your problem. From topical medications, retinoids which are rich in vitamin A, antibiotics against bacteria or Dapson may help. Oral medications include combined oral contraceptives, antibiotics, isotretinoin, and antiandrogen agents.

Is Semen Good For Treating Acne?

You have probably heard about using male semen to treat acne. It sounds weird, right!? But is it true?

Well... it is indeed widely known that male semen consists of some very good ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, calcium, chlorine, magnesium, nitrogen, prostaglandin, free amino acids, fructose, enzymes, potassium, citric acid, and phosphorylcholine.

Some of these same ingredients will help you in the fight against acne. Certainly, if semen ends up on your face somehow, you should not be worried that it will further aggravate your acne. 

Should you be using semen to treat acne, however? It is not exactly a conventional treatment choice for women suffering from acne and pimples, and there are many different kinds of anti-acne products on the market that were designed to help you clear up your skin without having to resort to using bodily fluids — which, by the way, may in fact be dangerous if the source of them carries a sexually transmitted disease.

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