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Okay, so I used to concerts and movies a lot, and for the most part I still do, or at least I still want to. But the problem is, after I started having panic attacks, it seems like loud noises and vibrations really make me feel nauseated and lightheaded. The noises don't even have to be loud, I could be sitting in school with a teacher talking and i'll start to feel that way. The worst is riding in a car with the radio on. Something about the fast movement and the noises make me kind of scared, I think. The same situation happened with being in a movie theater, where i'm surrounded by loud noises and such. In that situation I just left the theater and went home.

there's a concert coming up on the 29th that i'd like to go to, preferrably without almost having a panic attack and needing to leave, or having the vibration or noise trigger any bad reaction I could have.. Anything I can take to dodge some of those sensitive feelings? I heard dramamine might work?

I went to my normal doctor two days ago about it. He didn't find anything, and he said that my hearing might just be hypersensitive. On occasion, and not frequently at all, I do get some ringing in my ears. The past week I had a cold, and i'm guessing it might have just messed up my sinuses, but I don't know. I thought it was a sinus infection, and I took some decongestant and it seemed to be gone the next day. I tried to see if I had a lot of wax buildup in my ears, and I only had a little bit, but maybe poking in my ears to get out the wax was only heightening the sensitivity already there? Help please.


I understand this is a very old post and I don't expect this to help the original writer but if someone finds this through a web search I just want to mention that this might be 'cochlear hyperacusis'. Tell your doctor to do a search for that condition and hopefully he'll do more than just say you're sensitive :)