I have noticed that my ears are extremely sensitive to noises such as the clanging of metal (especially when loading the dishwasher in the kitchen, about 10-20 metres away from me, and with the door open). I don't have a problem with the noise when doing this, maybe as I do not make as much noise doing it. Also, if I can hear the tv upstairs when I am a floor below/above in my house, this annoys me - I am not sure if this is due to sensitive ears? This does effect my mood.

I've also noticed that if someone is sitting on my left with a metre's gap, eg on the sofa, and he or she shouts or talks loud, my closest ear to the person will have a funny feeling in it. It kind of feels like it has something in it, like water, or some sort of pressure (perhaps like it is about to pop), but the other ear does not have this feeling.

Any idea what this is? Does it seem like I have sensitive ears?