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I have had the same problems with stomach noises and IBS for a year which seem to get worse with stress. I have just started taking charcoal tablets which have been massive improvement and cuts out gas.

I also stopped drinking coffee and cows milk and only drink goats milk.
I would also suggest drinking fennel which is brilliant for bloated stomachs.

I hope this helps.


Ive been having these loud stomach noises for about 2 years Its been really embarrassing when going to school. So i started to watch what i eat and still my noises are the same. I also ate a big breakfast in the morning but it didn't work much and exercised regularly because i heard that it could be because of that. I was really worried and i wanted them to go away. I didn't go to the doctor because i didn't think it was serious. Considering it didn't hurt it was just gas i figured. Then one day i decided to go to the bathroom before going to class and it actually worked. No loud stomach noises at all. I kept doing it for the whole week and nothing i was surprised that something so small was the cause. I still get stomach noises but there so small no one can hear it. Hope this helps