I need information on what may be causing the loud noises from my gut that occur at seemingly random times. I have also started developing trouble talking/communicating which I feel could be correlated to whatever is causing the noises. Let me preface this by saying I am 17 year old girl, 5'4 and 114lbs.

Around December I began to have normal-sounding stomach grumbling noises during mornings at school. I assumed it was because i rarely have time to eat breakfast, but these noises have now progressed into loud-unhealthy sounding gastrointestinal noises. Picture the type of noise one gets when they urgently need to diarrhea. All at once, a lot of liquid feels like its being forced to rush down too small of a space; rushing, squeezing, and then stopping to make a weird fluent and monotone grumble (sometimes next accompanied by bubbly noise). By fluent I mean there are no breaks in the noise, its continuous lasting at least a few seconds. It sounds like they way a metronome always initially gives off a single and continuous pitch for a few seconds. Everything is audible to me and those around me. During the school week it occurs basically everyday during my second morning class. The problem also occurs on a more minor scale at random points throughout the day. Over the weekend it happens very randomly, as i reflect no consistency in the timing/scenario over the weekend sticks out to me. After these episodes i dont feel an urgent need to poop, but i do feel like i need to pass gas but am unable to (feels clogged up). For months i have been on and off constipated. When i do its a small amount that leaves me feeling like there is more to be done, but i am unable to no matter how hard i try. I have pain that feels like trapped gas below my tailbone/ in the rectum area. However, there is no urgent or involuntary passing of this gas. 

 I did read that intestinal noises can be caused by anxiety, but in combination with the other symptoms i detailed throughout, I feel this is not the case. I've had minor issues with anxiety, but never bad enough to seek help or medication. Usually from what would likely be considered normal anxiety causing situations like new social situations and big exams.

For the past 2-3 months I have started to develop trouble speaking and communicating. I have never had a speech impediment. People now sometimes have a hard time understanding what im saying and have me repeat myself because i have trouble naturally enunciating my words. I also have started to frequently butcher the pronunciation of words ive always been able to pronounce. I cannot for the life of me attribute this effect to a specific cause. I feel like it is not caused by anxiety because the problem occurs in completely relaxed situations like talking to younger siblings. also as a whole i believe my anxiety is too low-scale to have such a prolific effect. I guess theres a possibility im just becoming unfocused while talking, but i feel like the impediment still pops up when im trying really hard.  No family members have mentioned it probably because they dont want to hurt my feelings, but they definitely notice. 

A blood test over a year ago showed low B12 and vitamin D, & high blood pressure and high cholesterol (my dad has severe cases of both). I have uninentionally lost 10 pounds, dropping from 124 to 114, in the past 2-3 weeks. In August (its now Feb. 2nd) i started taking unperscribed adderall to help with coursework. I did it once a week at most, but some weeks didnt take any. I never experienced weight loss as a result which makes me believe the adderall isnt the cause of the 10lb weight loss. I used to exercise on a strict schedule, 1 hour 5 days a week, but stopped exercising in October. Ive been eating less the past few months but not enough to account for the 10lb change.Weeknights i usually eat dinner relatively early and dont eat many snacks.


It may be significant to note i only sleep 5 hours a night tops, but even when i do sleep longer the problems still persist the next day. My life is sort of stressful (a lot of work for AP classes and some family problems), but the issues are prevalent even when i am not stressed. My tonsils were swollen a week and a half ago, i only kept up with antibiotics for 3 days and then stopped taking it, swelling did come back as one would expect. Might be irrelevant, but included just in case it helps identify cause of the speech issue.