It's been 2 years and I have had this constant loins noises coming from my stomach after 2 hours of eating (depending on the food I eat)... I get this acidly/burning sensation below my breastbone then then BAM... Loud stomach noises mostly in the upper abdomen alongside bloating and pain below my breastbone. Sometimes my stomach just makes random noises such as when I'm exercising my stomach or right now I'm en bed and it's making these random noises. So when I have these "hunger noises" it's on going and lasts a good 30-40 minutes until I just burp or something and I'm fine for a while until I get that feeling again. This results me constantly eating as it relieves it. Damn I have to eat like 4 big sweet potatoes to fill me up for just 2 hours. I am healthy, I eat a plant based diet (just started), however my diet was never bad. I don't consume dairy because I'm lactose intolerant too. I exercise regularly and am in an ok shape although I do have some stomach fat but it's not excessive and I'm in the process of loosing it. Also, sometimes I have these episodes where I constantly need to pass gas. Like every second. This only happens on rare occasions though and usually lasts a week. Oh and I also need to pee a lot more these days... Maybe once every hour at school??! And I don't even drink that much. I really hate this and my biggest issue is the loud noises which I believe comes from my large intestines. Sometimes even my anus growls. Like I think it's gas because when I feel movement in my bowls it leads me to pass gas. i have taken Colon cleanse tablets and they have kinda worked as I barely get noises from the right side of my abdomen but I'm gettingg more frequent noises from my left side now? Oh an charcoal tables don't work for me at all. It probably makes me gassier even. I was also given peptic liquid but like all it did was reduce the burning ace in my stomach but nothing else. Idk... Life is so hard with this. So in more detail the noises my abdomen makes when I am hungry varies. Last time my upper abdomen made this weezing sound like when you squirt ketchup but it was on going. Also it makes thunderous deep growls. The worst thing is it continues!! Most of the time however it's like something is moving upwards and in bumps like it's having difficulty getting up, but anway this makes me a bit sick and I end up burping it out. Oh and my bowel movements are very regular. I poop like everyday and sometimes it's 2-3 times. My poop comes out in lumps and very quickly. Sometimes though it feels like I need to poo but only gas comes out... My butt also gets a sharp pain sometimes when I need to fart or poop. Also... During my period I get cramps from hell. It's the first day only but literally sometimes I get pains (like the last one) where I actually wanted to hurt myself to get rid of the pain I was feeling. I felt like vomiting, felt nauseous, started sweating like man and became really pale. Don't know if theTa anything to do with my stomach problems but yeah. Trying to add as much detail as I can because I feel as though this is really serious!! Please help!