hello I have been having a thick, white discharge and really sharp lower abdominal pains on my left side where my ovary is for about a week now,the pain goes into my lower back and my thighs since my menstrual which was really heavy, irregular and more painful and heavy than usual.i hurt more than usual with this past menstrual and heavier bleeding. i have had ovarian cysts on my left ovary last year that was the size of a gold ball. over the past four days the sharp pain has gotten worse and more suddenly, i am very nauseated and sick to my stomach, i have no appetite, extreme bloating, gassy, diarrhea, pressure on my bladder and more of an urge to urinate, sometimes its hard to get it to come out. i have been very fatigue and weak, lightheaded and feel as though my blood pressure may be too low. it hurts to have intercourse with my husband, it hurts to sit down or stand up and definitely hurts to use the bathroom. the discharge and sharp pains have gotten worse since yesterday, it's a very sharp, piercing and burning pain in my lower left ovary. could my ovary just be getting bigger or could it be rupturing????