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I am sick to death of being fobbed off by docs. Ive been to the NHS Walk in twice, seen 4 doctors, been to a&e, been admitted to hospital, had an ultrasound and seen a gyny, now im waiting for a referral from my docs to see someone else.

10th Feb (a week before my period started), i had severe lower back ache. Sharp shooting pains on either side, pains on either side of my abdomen going down to my lower abdomen and pain across lower stomach/pelvic area. Pains were crampy, sharp, stitch like and shooting. Occasionally i got a sharp shooting pain down my left thigh and a pain going into my left ankle. I put it down to being due on as my periods turned very heavy and very painful when i was 18. So much so I had a contraceptive implant put in to stop them all together, after 5 years that has now been removed and im on Microgynor. 

Pains persited even after i finished period and gradually worsened hense my trips to A&E. At this point i was diagnosed with a UTI, then a Kidney Infection, then a UTI (i had white blood cells in my urine). Had to sets of antibitoics but pain was still bad. Doc then diagnosed me with back pain and gave me Tramadol :o|

Needless to say that didn't work. Pain go worse still and the pain seemed to be sharper on right side, especially lower right abdomen. Doc admited me to hospital under suspected apendicitis. Bloods, urine, Blood Pressue and Temp were all fine. The hospital said i had ruptured cysts and gave me an appt for an ultrasound.

Ultra sound revealed a tilted womb, a small cyst on left side and a thick Endometrium even though i had just finished my period. They then arranged a Gyny appt.

A few days before Gyny appt i also developed shooting pains down back of right thigh. These lasted 2 days and doc said I had Sciatica. Had similar pains when i was 20 and turns out my back is fine. Pains then seemed to die down and only occassionally come. So i came off pain killers. A week later i went to Gyny.

Gyny's nurse immediately said i had either IBS or bowel problems after listening to my symptoms and that was the end of that. So she is referring me back to my docs.

The pain is now coming back starting sharp in lower right abdomen and lower right back. Occassionally on left side and lower stomach. Again i am due on in a week. I have also noticed that pain in lower stomach gets worse if i need the toilet, but doesnt go after i've been. Urine is quite brightly coloured and i have slight yellowy white discharge. My toilet habbits have gone slightly more frequent but i was told that this would be a side effect of all the tablets im on.

So confused as to what it is and im sick to death of taking Buscopan, Codeine, Paracetamol and Ibruprofen. Does anyone think this is Gyny related or IBS? Has anyone had anything similar?


hi that is exactly what is happening to me. cant understand this pain in lower abdomen and back. on my periods too. I have ibs and I take colofar mr which also has another name twice a day and it helps a lot with ibs. buy uv been through so much I wish u luck